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Diet and Cardio

Hi CT. I want to cut weight fast because I can’t fit into my clothes anymore. I’m 230lbs I can only train 2 days a week because of school so I do one upper and one lower day. I focus on a strength movement eatch day than accessory lifts for hyper trophy. I plan to start a Keto diet because I have read it is the fastest way to drop body fat. And I am going to do some cardio after eatch training session probably one steady state stair master session and one short hit session. I must say I do not like cardio at all.

So my questions are.
1- is my weightlifting session plan ok or is there a better way
2- is keto the best route for quick fat loss
3 - is it possible to tell if my cardio plan will be affective or should I adjust to weight lifting complexes since I dislike cardio
4- what adjustments could be made to any of the above for better results

Any advice would be appreciated. I hope my questions are not to broad or confusing. Thansk

Here is an example of my workouts

Week 4-6
Narrow grip incline B.B. 3x8/8/8
3x6/6/6. 3x8/6/3. add weight eatch week
Db floor press 2x6
Incline bench row 2x8/6
Seated db snatch 2x10
Floor single arm overhead db press 2x5
Bi trip superset. 3x8

Lower day
Box squat 3x5/5/3. 3x4/4/2. 3x3/2/2
Pause squat 2x2
Db reverse lunge 2x10 front foot elevated on deadlift platform
B.B. hip thrust 2x5-2x3-2x2
B.B. Romanian 2x6

When someone can only train 2x a week, I prefer a whole body approach focused on the big basic lifts because it’s best to hit every muscle to some extent at least twice per week.

More and more studies are coming out showing that at equal calories, keto does not lead to more fat loss than other diets. To be clear, if protein and total calories are the same, the amount of fat loss will be the same whether someone eats keto, or balanced. However keto makes you drop a lot of water initially, making you believe that you are losing more weight. You also tend to have flatter muscles because you don’t store much muscle glycogen (which can account easily for 2-3lbs on the scale). So you might think that you are losing more fat; you are not.

Reducing rest intervals in your lifting sessions will be effective. But if you want to drop weight fast you might have to do some form of conditioning work especially if you are not training more than 2x per week. That having been said “cardio” helps mostly because it helps create a caloric deficit and mobilize more fat. So if you cut you calories more, then you can likely lose the same amount of fat without the cardio. BUT cutting calories more will make it mentally harder (less food, being more hungry) and will reduce your energy levels and might facilitate muscle loss. So it’s up to you.

If you dislike cardio you could do sets of farmer’s walk for about 60-80m, with fairly short rest intervals.