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Diet Analysis

I am 178 cm (~5ft 10 in) and weigh 87 kgs (~190 lbs) with ~10% body fat. I just came off a low carb diet (30 g/day mainly from fructose, post workout, I know, I know. My fats were mostly from omega-3 sources, and some saturated) which I stuck with for about two month, and it sucked. My weight stayed the same, but my weights in the gym dropped in almost everything and stayed the same in a select few, but definitely no progress. Also, my weight stayed the same, with not much noticeable difference in body fat gains. Now I want to try a new diet: If you had to classify it, I would be in a cutting phase right now.

1 serving oatmeal, 1 scoop casein/whey blend, cottage cheese:

Meal 2:
Tuna with personally added olive oil, 1 tblsp natural peanut butter (to get the taste of tuna out of my mouth), fish oil capsules.

Meal 3 (1 hour prior to training):
20 g whey concentrate protein

Immediately after training:
50 g malto/dex: 60 g whey isolate

1 hour after training:
vegetables, cottage cheese/beans, casein/whey protein.

Meal 5:
Salmon or Tuna w/ fish oils

Last Meal:
60 g casein/whey blend, fish oils.

Other supplements I take:
Multivitamin/Mineral: 2xday
Calcium 180% daily recommended value
ZMA 30 mins prior to last meal
MD6/T2pro max dosage biotest suggests

I don’t want to waste another two months on a plain stupid diet that gave no results and was very difficult to keep, so I was wondering if anyone had tried a diet similar to this one, or if anyone can comment on this diet. All criticisms and suggestions are welcomed. I appreciate your efforts and time beforehand! Thanks!!