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Diet Advice

im currently 5"8, 185 and on a bulk. ive had a few BF% tests using scales, and they have ranged from 13 to 20%, 20% probably being the most accurate.

at this stage i dont have enough muscle development to go on a cut, but my BF is way too high, even for a bulk.

although i eat clean, i have never calorie counted before, but now i think its time.
but my question is, will it be possible to drop a little body fat by altering my carb/protein/fat ratio, yet still continue to bulk? as i think a full cutting cycle at this state would be pointless.

also i worked out my calorie needs for a bulk, and it comes in at about 2900 cals, is this about right for my weight?

also is 45/35/20 a good ratio, or 40/40/20?

any input appreciated thanks