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Hey guys!

I was referred here by some guys at the rate my physique forum.

My current stats-
19 years old

Goals- To lose fat and be at single digit bodyfat.

I would like advice on setting up a solid meal plan, since it is hindering my progress.

Im not a beginner to lifting. I have been lifting seriously for 2 years now but I certainly am a beginner in terms of dieting.

I would like to get into single digit bodyfat so that I can bulk again and gain lean mass.

I dont have a meal plan at the moment but foods I eat during the day include-
Some fruit
Peanut butter
Ground meat

Please help me set up a solid meal plan. I want to reach my goals.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Don't be a lazy cunt, the info is all out there. Have you even read any of the articles on nutrition?

Just a hint, bread and milk are not part of a cutting diet.

And why the fuck does nobody on this planet ever eat a damn vegetable? What's so bad about fresh, chewy broccoli, carrots, cucumber et al?

That is not a rhetorical question, either. Explain this bullshit!


Haha, okay. You are right, I am lazy, but I have read lots of nutrition articles, especially here on tnation. I just dont always no what advice to follow because I read too much. I know milk and bread is not part of a cutting diet.

I know how to set up a diet, I just dont know how to apply it! I have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but not a lot of practical. Theres nothing wrong with veggies, I know they are essential. I dont know why I dont eat them to be honest.

Here is a diet I thought of? Pretty basic.
1- Eggs, oatmeal, fruit
2- Train
3- Whey, fruit/dextrose
4- Ground meat, veg, olive oil
5- Tuna, veg, olive oil
6- Ground meat, veg, olive oil
How is that?

I dont know whats wrong with me. I have some nutritional knowledge, but when it comes to doing it, I cant! Pisses me off. Sorry for stupid questions. I know you get tired of them if you get them every single day.
PS- Go easy on me. :slight_smile: Im not ignorant. Im always willing to learn!


That's very basic, but probably a "good enough" template for now, depending on how you've been eating the last month or two. It's pretty low carb, so that might be something to take into consideration (training-wise and energy-wise) if you're used to a lot of carbs on a daily basis.

Not to give you even more reading, but this is a great step-by-step guide to getting a fat loss diet in order:

If you say you know what to do, then it's only a matter of deciding to actually do it.


This is more a general question for T-Nation:

Can you be "lifting seriously" and be a beginner in terms of diet-related stuff? I honestly only think of myself as having like 6 months of serious lifting and about 3 years of serious training in general (rest was running). I had been doing both for longer periods, but looking back on it I just can't take seriously the time I spent training when I didn't know anything about the other 23 hours of the day that go into training.

I was very into weightlifting in high school, but that just means that I worked my balls off in the weight room. The other 22-23 hours of the day, I wasn't doing the other things needed to optimize progress. Was I "lifting"? Sure. Was I "seriously lifting"? Hardly. Same goes for my running endeavors as well.


Tricky question. I think "serious lifting" is 3% training, 7% diet, 90% attitude. You can have the right attitude and just haven't fine tuned the other two yet, and I'd say you're more of a serious lifter than the buck 50 kid who can tell you all about the best way to carb cycle and wave load, but doesn't bust his ass off.