Diet Advice

Okay, I need some advice. I’m currently on a cutting cycle. I’ve tried the T-Dawg diet had great success with it. However, I want a change. Thus, being mucleheads that we are, I got some advice from one of my buddies who is a trainer at my gym. Right now I’m 5’10" 188lbs at about 8% BF my goal is 5%. I’m taking in about 260 grams of protein a day (173*1.5). He suggested I take in 1.5g of protein per LBM. Would that be to much protein? Wouldn’t I store excess protein as fat or will I piss the excess out. On Ian’s site “In Between Sets” newsletter Dr. Serrano suggest getting more protein on low-carb diets since your body will use it for fuel instead of carbs. As far as carbs go he suggested I cycle my carbs(low-glycemic) on a three day cycle for e.g. Day 1 250g, Day 2 150g, Day 3 50g and no carbs after 6PM. As far as fat goes 2 to 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil. He also suggest doing light cardio at 65%-70% of my target heart rate on non-traing days for 45mins. However, I’m not a big fan of cardio but some of us may need to do some in order to get rid of those stubborn little love handles. As far as my training goes I’m in Stage 3 from Ian King’s “Gett Buffed”, and I’m impressed thus far. What do you guys think. Also, I’m currently stacking all Biotest Products.

Two thoughts:

  1. If your protein is taken at 50 grams or less per feeding, it will be less likely to end up as fat. Apparantly, amounts larger than 50 grams will cause a insulin spike. So, more, smaller feedings is the rule. Protein powders are even more likely to cause an insulin spike due to their refined nature. I can reference studies on this.

2. It's been shown in at least one study that high intensity, interval training is far superior to long steady state aerobics and also tends to preserve muscle mass. In one study, fat loss was shown to be 6 times higher for a 15 min HIIT session versus a 60 min session at 70% of VO2max(Tabata). Amazing! It's extremely demanding, requiring 20 second intervals at 170% VO2max with 10 sec rest intervals. They did 8 to 9 "sets" in the study.