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Diet Advice Regarding Refeeds


Hi I am looking for some advice on carb refeeds. I am currently in a calorie deficit my split is 150c,175p,78f. as my bf is between 15-17% I am only doing a re feed every 2 weeks so so my refeed day would look like: 175p, 320c, 60f.

I have been looking a leptin and see if it decrease by 5-7days and carbs cane help boost it and I was wondering if I could on the 7th day increase my carbs up to about 250 and decrease fat whilst still being in a deficit,i.e 2000cal or will this really not effect my leptin levels and i really to to increse my overall calories to increase leptin? any help would be great..thanks in advance


You are missing the point of a re feed.

Rule of thumb (no two bodies are exactly the same so you have to find your sweet spot)

2x your diet carbs (again, play with this for your body)
1g per lbs of BW for protein (give or take)
Keep fats low as possible.
25-50% higher calories (and again, play with this to find what suits you best)

Look at the big picture. If your calories are the same, is it really a re feed?

Is your solution viable? IMPO, no. BUT, see what works for you without loosing sight of the end goal.