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Diet Advice Please


been lifting for about 2.5 years but with decent nutritional support for around a year as before i was too focused on staying lean and getting stronger and recently i have been focusing on adding size.
some personal info:
6 foot
201 pounds
bf 14%


been getting a lot stronger sine iv been taking more food on board but not much in terms odf size over the past 6 months.

here is a standard day of food:
meal 1 80 g oats 50 g protein shake 5 eggs
meal 2 500g natural yoghurt (or tuna sandwich) and a banana
meal 3 200g chicken 300g potatoes half a broccoli
meal 4 50 g shake
meal 5 200g chicken peppers tortillas
meal 6 50 g casein shake

was wondering if i am taking enough food on board if not how much extra and where should i put it. looking to be around 215 pounds in the near future with similar bf.

cheers for the help

(also play rugby so i have trining for that twice a week aswell as 1 match per week)
train with weights (chest/tri legs back/bi shoulders) mon tue wed thur with fri sat sun off to recover for and play the game


calories = ?

carbs(g) = ?
fats(g) = ?
protein(g) = ?


^ as well as training?


Obviously you haven't had "decent nutritional support" if you've been "focusing on adding size" but still gone six months without seeing any size gains.

Again, you very clearly haven't been taking in enough. On the most basic level, there's a truth to: "Wanna get bigger, ain't getting bigger, need to eat more." You really should've asked this question after month two of no noticeable weight gain.

Focus on one thing at a time. Gaining size or getting lean or, actually, playing rugby at your best. If you're in-season and having games on a weekly basis, it's not really the best time to worry about body composition. That's something to be done, ideally, in the offseason.

So you're lifting four days a week, have two "conditioning"/rugby training days, and one game day. And based on your rest days, it looks like you're training twice a day at least a few times a week.

That's a lot of activity, so you shouldn't be scared of carbs (you're earning them through training) and you shouldn't be scared of fats (they're essential for growth and recovery, and your "standard day" is pretty low fat).

On a day like this, between which meals are you training (lifting and/or rugby)?

Do you have any specific workout shakes before, during, or after training? That alone can make a huge difference by adding several hundred quality calories on days you train.

Overall, it looks like you're on a low fat, moderate carb plan. That might be alright if you were looking to maintain, but you're not. You're training hard (presumably), so don't be scared to eat hard (to an extent, of course). This article should give you some ideas to come up with a better general plan: