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Diet Advice Needed for Bulking


Diet advice needed - need some input please 0 mins. ago (permalink)
Ok, I have managed to get past a sticking point and weigh 14 stone at 5"7' and 13% b/f. Always been a hard fainer and have a VERY fast metabolism. So here we go:

Training days when training in the morning:

7am - 100g mixed nuts, coffee, banana - not a lot but if i have much more I find I cant eat anything at my 10am break

7.45am - Train

9am - 50gm whey banana

10am - work break - 1 bagel or wholemeal muffin or 3 Ryvita with natural peanut butter 1 can tuna and 25gm whey

13.00 - Wholemeal pasta, minced beef or 2 wholemeal deli rolls w/sliced beefm salad and 2 whole eggs

16.00 - 50gm whey, 2 scoops instant oats. pb honey and milk

1900 - Steak or chicken w/salad jacket potato

20.00 100gm nuts with pint semi skimmed milk or cottage cheese with ryvita

This is if I train in the evening:

7.30am - 4 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of toast

rest is the same as above till 16.00...however:

18.15 - train

20.00 - 50mg whey, 1 banana

21.30 - Chicken, w/salad, maybe some fruit juice and a handfull of nuts - is this ok, dont think I need many cabs at this time to be honest

All shakes I include 2 tbps of olive oil and have my intake of water and that's it!

Any feedback would be apprecaited, I am bulking, training 4 days a week, no cardio.


correct me if im wrong but the only water youre getting is from your protein shakes? i would reccomend about 3 or 4 litres of water daily, especially on a bulk. other than that you seem to be on the right track in my opinion, keep it up and best of luck


what are you asking?


What's the daily macro breakdown?
(Both on training and rest days)


Well am I eating enough??


Are you gaining weight?


Recemtly I was got past a sticking point that stuck for months, managed to creep past 14stone


It looks like a lot of food. It should be plenty to fuel your muscle gains. Don't overly rely on scale weight, since it can lead to excess fat gain. Instead, take pictures under similar conditions and in similar poses and compare from time to time.


Ok thanks for your help