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Diet Advice for Test, EQ, Dbol, Anavar Cycle?

Hi everyone,

Tried to revive an old thread but I think they want me to post a new one. Long time lurker, first post.
I thought I had quit AAS for good but due to an involuntary break from the gym caused by surgical complications, I’ve decided to run one last cycle!

The plan is:
Weeks 1-4 - 50mg dbol/day
Weeks 1-15 - 500 or 600mg equipoise/week (depending on whether my source has 250 or 300mg/ml)
Weeks 1-18 - test enanthate 500 or 600mg/week
Weeks 16-20 - anavar 50 or 100mg/day

I was just wondering what you would recommend in terms of diet on this cycle? I was thinking of bulking for the first 14 weeks, just cramming in 6000kcal a day or more (many of which would be dirty) then switching to a cut and knocking all my carbs out, keeping good fats medium (things like avocado, Mac nut oil etc) and protein and vegetables high. Any input much appreciated guys!


PCT will probably be HCG 500iu/week during cycle then:
Week 21 - 1500iu HCG/day Monday/weds/Fri
Week 22- same
Week 21-22 tamoxifen 40mg/day
Week 23-24 tamoxifen 20mg/day

I can’t touch clomid due to nasty depression side effect