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Diet Advice for Skinnyfats


had a more advanced nutrition question here


One mistake and I suddenly speak bad English? Nice logic. Americans didn’t even notice that I didn’t grow up here until I told them so. However, I am trilingual so I mix stuff up in my head occasionally.

I hated to do this but your posts are rife with grammatical errors - all of them. It’s not a bad thing, but don’t be offended if people assume you don’t speak proper English, because you don’t.


Please god, dont critique my poor writing ability!!!


Along with this, “nice logic” isn’t a sentence, as it lacks a verb.

My solution has always been to shotgun out semicolons when in doubt, as there is a 50/50 shot the person reading ALSO doesn’t know how to use them, so they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt.




Here I’ll throw this:

How’s my English, being a non native speaker myself? :slight_smile: genuinely curious, as I never asked for feedback on it


wait how on earth is this skinny fat


hes not…


Sadly, better than my own! At least written at any rate.


Speaking of grammar… the “fragmented sentence” grammar check on Microsoft Word has given me the shits for 10 years. I don’t know if its a real thing or a troll.


All a yiz are a bunch a fuckin fannies talkin a load a pure shite.

Ah kin tell, ye see, cuz us Scoats are eloquent as fuck.

So get tae fuck, all yooz cunts.


The one thing about the way you write that has stuck with me since the very first post of yours that I read here is the way you use 'll.

I mean, I’m used to see it with pronouns, but then come your posts and I find myself before stuff like “everyone’ll,” or “this’ll,” or really even “tomorrow’s workout’ll.” I find it funny tbh lol


Haha, I would never have thought about that. I contract words exactly the same way when I write as I do when I speak.


You’re basically the first person I have seen on the net who does that lol.

Anyway here I’m about to be an attention whore but since my question went almost unnoticed…

What do you think? :upside_down_face:


Your written English is superb. Had you never mentioned it, I would have assumed you were a native English speaker.


I can’t tell you with words how much I appreciate that!

Actually, this is one of the few things I completely feel confident about. Even irl people tend to be surprised when I tell them that I have never traveled abroad, which means that I actually learned it by myself. Effortlessly I would add, because I never actually sat down and said, “okay now ima study English” lol.

Next summer I might be going to the US for a couple of weeks (effectively the first time I’d leave Italy) and I’m very, very excited for this very reason :slight_smile:


Well you obviously have a very good natural aptitude for learning languages!

Consider a TEFL course. You can see a lot of the world that way.


As of now I’m also trying to learn Spanish, and yeah I definitely have some inclination to languages. I am pretty fluent with Spanish and my pronunciation is definitely on point but I need to work a bit on learning more words. That is my weak point.

I’ll look into TEFL courses, thanks for the suggestion. Last year my school decided to reward me for having high grades by allowing me to take the FCE certification provided by International House for free. I got the maximum score (190) and it really felt easy, but it was my first time taking that kind of exam and I had fun, so I definitely want to look for more similar courses.


Of course not; English isn’t your first language.

I’m joking - your written English is terrific.


@samul and @emperorhirohito

Samul: Some of your phrasing comes off as non-native English, I noticed that pretty much immediately with you. You don’t really make grammatical errors, you just have a manner of speaking that comes across as foreign, at least to me. an example from this thread:

phrasing is weird.

also weird.

don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing. and it’s also not something you’ll likely be able to change.

Emperor: you make a lot of mistakes. And yes, they are noticed. We see them, we just generally don’t point them out to you, because it’s obvious why you make them. I’m perfectly willing to be an asshole to you when I think you have bad ideas, but I’m not gonna be a dick about a language barrier. You convey your ideas perfectly well. And quite honestly, there are many people on here who ARE native speakers and use much worse grammar. The ‘female nephew’ thing was funny though :slight_smile: