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Diet Advice for Skinnyfats

Hey guys, I’ve discovered T-Nation and have really enjoyed learning about the wealth of diet and training information that’s on here. It’s really one of the best sites I’ve come across, and probably my favorite

With that being said, I still had some questions, so I found this forum to post them.

About me:
Height: 5’8
Training History: About a year, didn’t make much progress because I messed around with my own workout plans/diet. I’ve only just now started doing a plan I found on here, 5/3/1, and actually eating enough

I consider myself to be skinnyfat. Physique pic is uploaded at bottom for your critical feedback, please do not hold back. I don’t have any muscle, and the fat I do have is primarily around my abdomen.

My question is, from what I’ve read on here, there’s a lot of differing viewpoints regarding nutrition. I’ve seen articles recommend low carb, carbs only around training, no carbs in the morning, no carbs at night, etc.etc. This is obviously a lot of differing viewpoints, and how do I approach this?

I should make it clear that I do have a basic understanding of diet. I track my macros and calories, and eat clean literally 99% of the time. Basically oats, sweet potatoes, chicken, eggs, almonds, vegetables. I’m starting out around 2000 calories, 170g Protein, 75g Fat, and whatever I have left is carbs.

Basically main question, what type of diet strategy should I utilize for my bodytype, considering I’m both skinny and fat at the same time?

You are not skinny fat. You are really thin.



Kid were did you get the notion you was skinny fat!!?

Wrong! you hardly have any fat !

You dont ! This type approach is not appropriate for you at your stage!!


I think the correct term is “emaciated”.

Gain weight slowly, about 1/2lb per week so that you don’t actually get fat. It sounds to me like you have some sort of body image disorder, like you think that “normal” means looking jacked and shredded like a bodybuilder at competition time.

Don’t do anything weird, eat carbs with your meals. You probably don’t need carbs right before bed, but it won’t kill you either. Just eat around 1g protein per pound of bodyweight and enough carbs and fats so that you gain a bit of weight. A health weight for your height, not for any kind of competitive sport but just to be lean, muscular, and physically fit, would be around 170-180. You’re only 16 so you have a long way to go, but you are far from being fat.


Actually… I had another term I was thinking of. But people would find it too gruff especially considering his age.

I think this mentality is rampant in allot of the younger guys now!

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Thanks for your response. I’m currently eating carbs at every meal… I’m not sure if two-three hours before sleeping counts as “before bed”…but either way I guess I’ll just continue that.

Thanks for your honest feedback, I considered myself skinnyfat cause that was my starting point I guess.

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Yeah you can honestly stop considering yourself that

You are skinny which is a better starting point than skinny fat most of the time at least from my observation. You don’t have to worry about getting fat and cutting will be easier. I know many people who started out skinny that have good physique now, champion bodybuilders like kevin levrone and flex wheeler also started out very skinny. I myself started out very skinny around 130 lbs at 5’11,

Just eat and lift. No overcomplicated advice is needed especially when you’re just a beginner.

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Also 2000 calories is what my 6 years old female nephew consumes. If you wanna grow, you gotta EAT especially if you are naturally skinny.

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The word is niece


Whoops I must be high I wrote that

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I figured you don’t speak English too good

I’d consider you to be a lean 16 year old. The size will come, be thankful you don’t have puppy fat to drop.

One mistake and suddenly I spoke bad English? Nice logic. Americans didn’t even notice that I didn’t grew up here until I told them so. However, I am a trilingual so I mixed up stuff in my head occasionally.

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I’m not American and English isn’t my first language either.

Is it French?


I thought you might have been French Canadian …thought wrong

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