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Diet Advice for Lean Body Mass Gain/Weight Loss?


So I recently created a thread for a plan to lose weight and I got some great advice’s and one of them is to create a thread in this section, I want an advice for a lean body mass/weight loss diet, I will try to eat 1800 calories a day for a start then increase them over time to 2400, I’m 21 yo male weights 84 kg’s my main goal is to lose the extra 14 kg’s, my height is 5.8 my basal metabolic rate is 1800 calories, I will lift 3 days a week and do bike rides on off days, this is an example meal that I’m eating every day plus maybe a fruit in the night,

this is the Egyptian bread https://goo.gl/ZxtrhL
I’m confused with my fitness pal macros calculator because I must be eating 0.8 or 1g per body pound and it suggests that I must be eating 75g only same for fats and carbs but it’s a well-known calculator for its accuracy so a macro correction advice will be great. thanks in advance.

Looks like a good plan. You can only know if you need to calibrate it after trying for a few weeks. Just remember to put some ice cream or pizza in there once in a while so you don’t go crazy.

And I’ve found lately that it’s been so beneficial to take a step back after some progress to have a little reset before diving back in again. Trust me, that works because you 'll get burned out quickly with too much consistent adherence…unless you’re one of those people who can do that.

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thanks for the reply !, and yep you are right with consistent part