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Diet Advice for Fat Loss


Currently 223lbs, 6'3" and around 11% BF

Would like to get down to 8% BF

Lift 4x week, and 2x week cardio usually HIIT under 25mins

Have been using this diet the past few weeks with decent resuts, but thought it could use a second look! dose anyone see any glaring issues? areas of opportunity?

I am getting leaner but my strength has been dropping signigicantly, perhaps 20-30% on some exercises, not losing SIZE though.

730am 5G BCAA 5G glutamine 1L water
8:00am 1 cup of egg whites, 1 whole egg, and 1 cup oatmeal with cinnamon and splenda

11:am train 10gs BCAA's intra/pre- workout

noon 35g whey, 12g casein, 40g gatorate powder

1:30 5oz yam, 5oz chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli

4:00 1 oz almonds, 5oz chicken, 1cup broccoli

7pm 1oz almonds 5oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli

9PM 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 4 whole eggs and 1 cup spinach

2 scoops casein and 4tblsp peanut butter


Doesn't look like you're eating enough for a man of your size and leanness. A big signal for this would be your average 25% loss of strength. That is a drastic drop for only a "few weeks" of dieting. If you start out a diet by drastically under feeding yourself you are left with few options later.

Despite saying this you will probably not add in calories but you shouldn't decrease them either when your metabolism stalls. That leaves you with increased cardio and taking a thermogenic as your only options.


How much weight are you losing per week? If greater than 2-3 pounds you may want to incorporate a cheat meal.
It certainly looks like not a lot of calories for someone weighing in the 220s, but as was said it may be tough to add food back in and keep dropping so the well planned cheat may be a good option.


Losing about a 1lb per week, I didn't even reduce my calories to be honest, I just swapped the calroies in the PM I usually had with my protein from carbs to fats and it seems to have been working decently.

I have been using my day off from fitness as a cheat day, not burgers and beer but as much as I want of healthy shit, 8 egg omiketted with cheese and bacon, protein pancakes with walden farms syrup, 12oz ribeyes ect. I have noticed that the day after my cheat I do feel strong and less tired. Petty safe to attribute the lack of depth in the weight room to carb reduction?