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Dieselhomer's Log

9-20-16 5 am basement

Back to regular training. My 12 weeks of DC training are done. I saw some rep record improvements, but now time to see if it translates to strength back on 5-3-1.

Elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

45x30, 135x5, 185x3, 240x3, 270x3, 305x5, 325x1

Strict log press
90x10, 140x10, 160x8, 8

Flat db press
40x15, 70x12, 100x10, 70x8

ez bar lying ext
60x 15, 12, 8

Thats it. looking back in old journals from 2012, i was much stronger when i did less work/exercises/ per session.

Thursday, 9-22-16 6pm basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Pull-ups (im 220ish)
a few partials, me x 10,10,10


1 arm db rows
70x15, 85x15, 100x12, 85x 15

db shrugs
40x15, 70x15, 100x11, 70x15

inc db curls
35x10, 9, 7- 15x5

rev preacher curls

Abs- bar crunch (70)/ scissors/ rev crazy leg

huge bbing pump tonight. my goal with back/bi day is a 25 rep max pull-up.

Saturday, 9-24-16 3pm basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

me x 15, 45x10, 135x10, 225x5, 315x1, 350x3, 400x3, 450x5 with a few in tank

sumo pulls
155x5, 245x3, 380x3, 430x3, 490x3 easy. had more in me but not pushing it. this has been my 1st injury free dl day in a while.

seated calf raise
135x15, 205x8, 255x7, 135x16

me x 7,7

SSB squats

stretch/ planks

9-27-16 tuesday 5am basement
been thinking about my switch back to 5-3-1. i like getting bak into heavier weights, but i don’t like how beat up i feel pounding a body part with assistance exercises. Also, I have found my arms respond the best to more frequency as well as equating with a variety of stances/styles. This morning i decided (mid-workout) to mix 5-3-1 and dc to try and get the best of both worlds.

elliptical/ shoulder warmup

45x20, 135x10, 185x3, 255x5, 290x3, 325x3, 340 x1

90x 15, DC- 140x 12-4-3= 19 reps

log press-strict
90x15, DC- 160x 10-3-3= 16 reps

rev grip chest supported rows
135x12, DC-190x11-4-2= 17 reps

lying ez bar ext
DC- 70x17-4-3= 24 reps

abs- bar crunch/ scissors/ rev crazy leg

stretch at the end- this was just pure laziness. i should have done this post exercise.

note to self…5am sessions suck ass.

Thursday 9-29-16. 6pm. Basement

Elliptical/. Shoulder warmup

CG ez curls
30/15, 60/8, 90/13-5-2= 20 reps

Rev preacher curls
55/12-4-3=19 reps

Standing calf raises
Me /10, +140/14-8-5= 27 reps

Me /7-3-2= 12 reps

SSB squats
155/10, 245/5, 295/8, 215/20


Sunday 10-2-16 11am basement
developed cold after last workout. was gonna train yesterday, but took extra day off to help combat cold. still congested ugh

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

45x20, 135x5,5, 185x3, 225x1, 260 x6-2-2=10 reps

me x 16-5-4= 25 reps

BTN (no back support) press
45x15, 100x14-6-4= 24 reps

me x5, +55x9-3-2= 14 reps

Pendley rows (on box)
135x10, 185x7

did a few shrugs and ab work
not a bad session for feeling ill…

10-4-16 Tuesday evening in basement
still a bit run down from cold, but didn’t show in squats.

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

ez preacher curls
30x20, 60x8, 90x 12-5-3= 20 reps -stretch

inc db hammer curls
35x 12-6-5= 23 reps -stretch

seated calf raises (my rack set-up)
135x15, 205x 15-8-7= 30 reps -stretch

lying leg curls
90 x 12-4-3= 19 reps -stretch

5-3-1 squats (75,85,95% off 500)
135x5,5,5, 225x5, 315x2, 375x5, 425x3, add wraps- 475x3 with 2 in tank :slight_smile:
no wraps- 320x19

abs- plank work/ different angles

felt pretty dead after this.

10-6-16 Thursday night basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

45x20, 135x10, 185x3, (245x10-3-1)= 14 reps -stretch

Superset- db laterals/ db OH press-
25x10/ 40x10, (25x10/ 60x10 - x8/x4- x5/2)= 23/16 reps -stretch

OH ez bar ext
100x10-4-2= 16 reps -stretch

me x3, (me x15-5-3)= 23 reps -stretch

One arm db rows
90x10, 120x8 - quiting these, they cause too much lumbar rotation

seated cable row
90x 20 -all paused

Ab work

Sunday 10-9-16 9:30am

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

inc db curls
15x20, 25x8, (40x12-5-3)= 20 reps -stretch

reverse axle curls
45x8, (65x10-4-2)= 16 reps -stretch

Front squats (5-3-1)
45x10, 135x5, 220x5, 250x5, 285x5

Sumo deadlift
155x5, 245x1, 335x1, 385x3, 435x3, 495x3, 545x1 -just for fun

front squats
185x 15

Ab work- planks a lot

10 extra minutes on elliptical

Tuesday 10-11-16 5pm basement

elliptical/ shoulder warmup

45x30, 135x5,5, 185x3, 225x5, 260x5, 295x7

90x10, (145x 13-4-3)= 20 reps

Strict log press
90x5, (165x 10-3-3)- 16 reps

Chest supported rev grip rows
135x10, 190x13-4-2= 19 reps

lying ez bar ex (i would call them skull crushers, but they go behind my head)
75x16-5-3= 24 reps

rear db flies
25x15-7-4= 26b reps

Ab work/ a few hill sprints in the neighborhood vs my daughter

Thursday. 10/13/16. 6pm. Basement- feeling beaten tonight

Elliptical- shoulder warmup

CG ez curls
60/10, 95/ 12-4-3 = 20 reps.

Rev preacher curls
55x 12-5-2= 19

Standing calf raises
Me x 12, +140 x 19-7-4= 30

Me x 10-3-2= 15 reps

SSB squats
155 x10, 245x5, 300 x10, 220 x20

Abs- plank work
10 min elliptical

10-16-16 sunday 3pm basement
got my flu shot yesterday. every year I have a 1-2 day lethargy reaction. so feeling a bit run down

elliptical/ shoulder warmup

45x20, 135 x5,5, 185x1, 225x1, (260 x7-2-2)= 11 reps stretch

me x2, (+25 x 11-4-2)= 17 reps stretch

BTN -no back support- presses
45x20, 110x 14-5-3= 22 reps stretch

Pendley rows -off box-
135x10, 185x9

me x 2, (+60 x 10- 4-2)= 16 reps stretch

Shrugs (supinate grip behind the back)
185 x 15-5-3 =23 reps stretch

Ab work/ 10 min elliptical

TTuesday 10-18-16. Basement
Elliptical/ shoulder warmup

Ez preacher curls
Warm ups, 95x 11-4-2= 17 reps. Stretch

Inc db hammer curls
40x 10-2-2=14 reps. Stretch

Seated calves
135/10, 210/17-8-5= 30 reps. Stretch

Lying leg curls
95x 13-3-2= 18 reps. Stretch

Squats (5/3/1 off 510)
45/10, 135/5, 225/5, 330/5, 385/5, 435/8, 320/20 FML- felt like death lying on the floor.
Eventually stretched and did plank work.

10-21-16. Friday basement
Elliptical/ shoulder warmup

Flat db press (pause at bottom)
25/10, 40/5, 60/5, (110 x 11-4-3)= 18 reps. Stretch

SS- db lateral/ seated oh db press
25x8/ 60x12- x8/ x5- x5/ x3 = 21/ 20 reps

Seated oh ez bar ext
60/10, 100x 11-4-3= 18 reps. Stretch

Me x2, (+25 x 10-4-3)= 17 reps. Stretch

Seated cable row (holds at top)
90/10, 140x 15-5-2= 22 reps. Stretch

Ab work/ 10 min elliptical

Shit…forgot last 2 sessions

10-23-16 cant recall all numbers
inc db curls
rev axle curls
f. squats 5-3-1
sumo pulls
warm-ups- 400x3, 450x3, 500 x3 with many in tank :slight_smile:
f. squat death set

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

45x20, 135x5,5, 185x3, 235x3, 275x3, 310x5, 335x2

strict log press
90x10, 170 x8-3-2= 13 reps these are putting too much stress on lumbar when I try to squeeze out a rep. Im going back to seated presses.

Lying oh ext (skulls)
80 x15- 6- 2= 23 reps

Pull downs
90x10, 145 x13-5-3= 21 reps

Chest supported rev grip rows
135x10, 195x 12- 4- 2= 18 reps

rear db flys
25x15-8-4= 27 reps

messed around with 10 second db shrug holds

Ab work/ elliptical 10 extra

10-30-16 sunday 10am
lumbar has been pretty jacked lately. i will probably back off deads and reload soon. i do need a deload

elliptical/ shoulder warmup

45x20, 135x10, 185x5, 225x1, (260x 6-2-1)= 9 2 rep loss?? stretch
time to find a new exercise to rotate

me x 5, (+65x 7-3-1)= 11 reps stretch

BTN press (used a back support this time)
45x15, 115x15-5-3= 23 reps stretch

pendley rows
115x10, 185x11 stretch

BTB sup. grip shrugs
135x8, 190x12-5-3= 20 reps stretch

sit-ups/ crunch/ rev crazy leg/ scissors

stretch/ elliptical 8 min- quit on myself. i hate cardio

my lumbar area has all kinds of issues from scolliosis and years of strongman. i think I’m having a disc bulge on the left side. most discomfort is when lying or standing still. so, DL will be out for now. it seems like every time i start reaping 500+ this shit happens.

forced rest period. im feeling run down and my lumber arthritis/ disc are flaring big time. taking the rest of the week off. well, kind of. im teaching jump rope this week in EVERY class (im an elementary pe teacher).

Sunday, 11-6-16 basement
nice week off. back feels better and overall better. I couldn’t wait to lift today.
oh, and wrote up a new plan to follow.

elliptical and shoulder warm-up

45x20, 135x5,5 225x3, 275x1, 315x5-1-1-1-1= 9 reps (20 breath rest)

incline db press
60x10, 65x10, 70x10, 75x10

BTN OH press
45x10, 95x10, 115x10, 125x10, 9

skulls (lying tri ext)
60x10, 65x10, 70x10,10


abs- stiff rev crazy leg 3x8/ crunch/ bicycles

11-8-16 Tuesday 11am basement

elliptical/ shoulder warmup/ db pullovers x20

Pullups (bodyweight about 222)
me x hang/ 1/4 pull/ 2 reps, me x 5, +25x5, +50x5, +75x3, +100xmiss

Chest supported rev grip rows
135x10, 185x10, 205x9, 135x15

rear db flys

one arm db rev preacher curls
25x10’s, 30x10’s, 35x10’s, 25x10’s

rev axle curls
65x11-5-3=21 reps

ez preacher curls

abs- bar crunches/ crunches

im writing this the next day… I have had bad doms all week from the week off and the higher volume. I feel beat. I really thought a bodybuilding style would make things easier on my cns. either that or I am catching my sons pneumonia. ugh… poor kid.

Saturday, 11-12-16
basement 10 am
my son caught pneumonia last week. i think i picked up something at the dr office. been feeling nasty since then. still not 100% today, but good enough for an easy session
elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

decided to try using strongman log for lying presses today (like board press). didn’t go so well. i couldn’t get my shoulder blades together so it caused shoulder pain.

flat bench with log-
90 x5,5,5,5, 180x10, 270x5, 320x2- not ging to be doing these anymore

225x13-3-2= 18 reps stretch

Seated OH DB press
40x10, 45x10, 50x10, 55x10

Seated OH tricep ext
60 x 10 sets of 10 stretch

donkey calf raises
+55x15, +80x20,13 stretch

skipping abs because i plan on training again tomorrow.
still had “cold sweats” during session, but glad i lifted today.