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Dieselhomer's DC Experiment

38 yr old /father of 2/ X-bodybuilder + strongman
bdywt- 220ish
been following 5/3/1 for years. getting stale. every time i drop 10% i either get injured or don’t get past peaks. going back to HIT style of training (like in college) hopefully see some more results. Im going to try the official DC training protocol while I’m off this summer…

7-6-16 10am basement
elliptical 5 min./ shoulder warm-up

Flat bench
warm-ups, (275x 8 -x3 - x1)= 12 reps db stretch 1 min

Seated OH DB press-
warmups, (80x 11 - x3 - x1) =15 reps 1 min band stretch

Seated OH ez bar ext-
warm-up set, (80 x14- x4 - x3)= 21 reps

me x 2, (me x12 - x4 -x3)= 21 reps

Chest supported db rows
(85x 11 - x4 -x3)= 1 reps

Ab work- giant set
rev crazy legs x20 / crunch x 30/ kicks x30

Friday, July 8th 2016 1pm basement

warm-up- 5 min elliptical/ crazy legs/ tke

DC training - Day 2

Bar curls-
warm-up, (95x12- 5- 3)- 20 reps, banded stretch 45 sec. an arm

Cross body db hammer curls
25x8, (40x14- 6- 5)- 24 reps- same stretch

Standing calf raises -
me x 10, (+90 on dip belt X 15- 7- 5)- 27 reps, stretched on lest rep for 30 sec

Squats (because GHR 1st would kill my squat)
45x20, 135x10, 225x5, 315x1
add belt- 405x7, 315 x15, sissy sq stretch followed by hip flexor stretch 1 min each

me X2, (Me X 7-3-1)- 11 reps , hurdler stretch on bench 45 sec each

Abs- same as last time

extra stretching

side note- my triceps are sore, very sore. this is rare. in the 20+ years i have been training this happens like once every 2 years.
Its funny how you can ignore things when you are training…while i was squatting my 5 yr old daughter started laughing and saying “daddy i see your butt”, because i had a big rip in my shorts.

Sunday, July 10, 2016 11AM Basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Flat db bench- 25x20, 50x10, (100x 15-3-1)- 19 reps
db stretches

Seated OH press- 45x15, 135x5, (175 x8-2-1)- 11 reps
bar stretches

CGB- 135x10, 185x2 (205x12-4-3)- 19 reps
seated db stretch

Pullups- me x2 (me X 14- 5- 4)- 23 reps
hanging stretch

T-rows- 45x10, 135x8, (200x14- 4-3)- 21 reps

Ab exercises-

Im trying to figure out how I am going to schedule squats and DL. My spine can’t handle these two too close together. I also pull sumo, which is more of a hip/glute pull than low back “thickness” exercise. I am not a bodybuilder. I just want to see if this routine can change things up a bit and jump start size along with numbers. Also, pulling after training biceps seems like asking for an injury. I want to try to follow the protocol as close as possible but still keep my numbers high.

Wednesday July 13, 2016 10 AM basement

elliptical/ crazy legs/ squats/ tke

Sumo pulls
135x5, 5,5, 225x5, 315x3, 405x2, 455x1, 495x1, 550x 3 (goal was 8, but plates slid half way off one side causing my right hammy to get real tight. played it safe and quit there)

db curls
25x10, (40x12-4-3)-19 reps
20 breath bi stretch

rev preacher curls
(40 x 16-5-3)- 24reps
banded stretch 20 br

standing calf raises
me x12, (+90x 21-8-4)-33 reps
20 br at bottom

Front squat
45x10, 135x5, 225x1 (275x 5-1-1-1-1-fail)- 9 reps
20 br quad stretch

Abs- same as last time

Extra stretching-

so i tried to modify the program and i wasn’t happy with the results. sumo pulls felt god awful during warmups. I will be sticking with the program for the rest of the summer. once school is back in session i may go back to 5/3/1 powerlifting style. I think my body will enjoy a break from heavy singles, triples, etc… my ego won’t mind some hypertrophy. so, i will be sticking to the idea of bak “thickness” at the end of upper day. I may stick with conventional dl because they seem safer at higher reps.

Friday, July 15th 2016 10AM basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Inc bench
45x15,15,15, 135x8,3, 185x3, (230x 9-3-1)- 13 reps
2 way db stretches

Seated Arnold db press
30x10, (60x 14-4-4)- 22 reps
band stretch both sides

me x2 , (me x 14-4-2)- 20 reps
stretch in bottom position

V-bar pulldowns
+45x10, (+140x 15- 5- 3)- 23 reps
hang in bottom position stretch

Conventional deadlifts (even though i just pulled 2 days ago…sucky though)
135x5, 245x 3, 335x2, 385x1, 455x9 straight set
multiple stretches

Abs- bar crunch 45x 35/ scissor kicks x 80/ plank 30 breaths

July 18, 2016 on vacation -gym in town 7 AM-ugh C-2
*= variation due to different equipment
treadmill/ shoulder warmups

ez-preacher curls
20x20,15, 40x10, (70x15-5-4)= 24 reps

*cable hammer curls
50 x 10 (100x 12-5-3)= 20 reps

*seated calves
45x8, (90 x 15-7-6)= 28 reps

*lying curls
70x5, (100x9-4-3)= 16 reps

*leg press (1st time leg pressing in years)
2plates/ side x 10, 5P x 5, (7P x 20)

Abs- same as last

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 7AM
Vacation gym/ 1t time taking my son (10) to the gym with me.
I was proud of his behavior and performance. he even got a compliment on his squat form :slight_smile:

treadmill/ shoulder warm-up

bench press
45x20,20, 135x5,5, 185x2, 225x2, (280x 10-2-1)= 13 reps

OH db press
30x10, 45x5, (85x 10-2-1)= 13 reps

ez OH extension
(85x16-5-3)= 24 reps

me x2, (me X 14-4-2)= 20 reps

chest supported db rows
(85 X 14-4-2)= 20 reps

legs up bar crunch/ scissor kicks/ rev crazy legs

Friday, July 22, 2016 vacation gym 7AM

treadmill/ shoulder warmup/ crazy legs

Bar curls
45x15, 65x10, (95 X13-4-2)=19 reps

DB hammers
20x5, (45 X12-5-4)= 21 reps

  • calf machine
    (90 X 17-7-6)=30 reps

45x15, 135x5, 225x5, 315x1,
add belt and old wraps- 405x8
just belt- 315x15- i was gassed here

*GHR on hyper
(me X 7-2-1)= 10reps

started abs, but was too far gone to finish

Sunday, July 24, 2016 Basement (back home)

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Flat db bench (had to rig up adjustable db’s with olympic plates causing it to be a bit bulky)
25x20, 40x20, (110 X11-3-1)= 15 reps
stretch 3 ways

Seated OH press
45x15, 135x5, (170 X9-3-1)= 13 reps

135x8, (210 x 12-3-2)= 17 reps

me X2, (me+ 10 X 12-3-2)= 17 reps

Floor t-rows
90 x 10, (225 x10-4-2)= 16 reps

rev crazy legs -20/ scissors w/bar 25/ bar crunch 35/ crunch 20/ dec plank 20 sec

So far I have seen progress in every exercise. i seem to be stalling with high rep squats , but increasing in the straight sets. I have noticed an increase in appetite. I have had a bit more muscle soreness than usual, but it seems to pass before the next workout. My joints and back have been liking this too. The sessions have been fairly fast.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 10 AM basement

I am still very sore from fridays squats. I will not be able to skip today and train tomorrow so…

elliptical/ shoulder warm-ups

db curls
10x10, 25x8, (45x12-4-3)= 19 reps +5 lbs / same reps

rev preacher curls
(45x 14-6-4)= 24 reps +5lbs/ same reps

standing calf raises
Me X 10, (me +100 X 23-6-4)= 33 reps +10lbs/ +1 rep

Lying leg curls
(+55 x 18-5-3)= 27 reps

Front squats
45x10, 135x5, 185x3, 225x1, add belt- (275x 5-1-1-1-1-1)= 10 reps

Abs- dec planks/ planks/ bar crunches/ scissors/ finisher…

I’m pleased with the session i had considering walking the stairs caused DOMS pain this morning.

Friday, July 29th, 2016
basement 10AM

Warm-up- elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Incline bench
45x20,20, 135x5,5, 185x2, (235x9-3-1)= 13 reps
3 way db stretch

Seated arnold presses
30x5, (65x13-3-3)= 19 reps
2 stretches

me x2, (+25x12-3-3)= 18 reps
db stretch

90x8, (160 x 12-4-3)= 19 reps

Conventional DL
155x5,5, 245x2, 335x1
belt- 405x1, 495x8 *last time i made an addition mistake. it was 475 not 455.

Abs- various sets to 100 and then some

Sunday, July 31, 2016
basement 12pm stiff and sore from DL

elliptical / shoulder warmup

EZ preacher curls
10x10, 30x20, (75x 14- 4 -3_21 reps

rope hammer curls
25x10, 50x6, (60x 11- 5 -4)20 reps

standing calf raises
me x10, (+105 x22 -7 -5)- 34 reps

lying leg curls
(65 x 13- 4 -3) 20 reps

SSB squat
bar x 10, 155x 10, 205x1
belt- 280x 8, 160x20 -should have used more weight here


August 2, 2016 11AM basement
dragging a bit this morning- kids kept waking me up last night during storm

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

45x25, 135x5, 185x3, 225x1, (285 x 9-2-1)= 12 reps
3 way stretch

Seated oh db press
40 x10, (85 x 11 - 4- 1)= 16 reps

OH ez bar extensions
(90 x 13-4-3)= 20 reps

me x 3, (Me+25 X 10 - 3-1)= 13 reps

Chest supported db rows
(100 x 8 -3-1)= 12 reps

NEW- C.S. rear db flies
25 x 12 -5 -4= 21 reps

ABS- bar crunches/ scissors/ rev crazy legs/ side planks

Nice session. Im still happy with my progress on this program. I haven’t checked my weight since i started, but i can see a difference in muscle size (especially quads). I don’t think i have increased any 1 rep maxes, but its definitely a good hypertrophy program. I read about this program years ago when i was a bodybuilder and i chalked it up as crap. i thought the low volume was BS. I was wrong. It took me switching to strongman/ powerlifting to get my mind clear of that. Now off to the pool with the kids.

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Friday, Aug 5th, 2016
11AM basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

Bar curls
45x15, 75x 3, (100 x 12-2-2)= 16 reps

DB hammer curls
25x 5, (50x 12- 5-2)= 19 reps

Seated calf raises NEW- just used a bar, bench, block, in the rack
45x20, (135 x 30-8-7)= 45 reps way too light

135x5, 225x5, 315x1, 405x1,
belt/ wraps- 455x5, 315x18

me x 8-2-2 = 12 reps


Abs- side planks 20 BR each/ plank 60 BR

i was stressing this squat day. last time it killed me, but then again, i was on vacation and it was 7 in the morning. i recently read that DC is not for home gyms. not enough equipment? I seem to be doing fine. i like training at home. no travel. no talking. no bs-ing. convenient. I do miss the gym environment though.

Sunday, 8-7-16
elliptcal/ shoulder warmup
i forgot to log this workout. everything either went up in weight or reps.

flat db bench
110x more than last time

seated oh press
more weight than last

more weight (225 i think)

more weight

t-bar rows
more weight/ same reps

Abs- plethora of exercises and reps

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 11AM went to gym today. i promised my daughter if she went to daycare we could go to pool immediately post training. I should have had a snack before training. i got really shaky from low blood sugars toward the end of my session

treadmill/ shoulder warm-up

db curls
10x10, 25x5, (50 x 12 -4-2)= 18 reps

rev preacher curls
(50 x 12 -4-2) 18 reps

(gym) standing calf raid machine
150 x 15-5-4- 24 reps

(gym) seated leg curls
150 x 9-3-2= 14 reps

Front Squats
135x5, 185x3, 225x1 (285 x 5-1-1-1-1-1)= 10 reps
185x 10- had to stop…couldnt keep the bar up on shoulders. kept rolling off

abs- planks/ side planks

to the pool. my daughter hated the daycare, but we made up for it at the facilities pool. side note- this gym sucks. i need a better training environment. seems like its filled with “bro’s” getting ready for the “guns” show. i guess thats what you get at a commercial gym. i only have a summer pool membership anyway. just figured i would make use of the facility.

Friday, Aug. 12, 2016 1pm basement


Incline bench
45x15, 135x5, 185x3, (245 x 8-2-2)- 12 reps

Arnold db press
25x8, (65x 13-4-3)- 20 reps

me x3, (me +35 x12-4-2)= 20 reps

90x 10, (165x12-4-4)= 22 reps

Conventional DL
155x5, 245x5, 335x1, 425x1, 525x5- these were slowww. i may drop the weight next time and try to beat previous reps records.

Abs- a variety of bar crunch/ sit-ups/ core work

School starts back in a week (for teachers). I was going to go back to 5,3,1 after summer. I may stick with this for a while longer. been happy with results. For example, incline was 225 for 11 rest/pause reps on july 2nd. I increased 20 pounds and 1 rep today. thats not bad for 5 weeks. I plan to “cruise” the first week back with students. Not sure about exercise selection yet.

Sunday, Aug. 14th 2016 basement
i wasn’t sure how my knee would hold up. all day yesterday it was cramped up and locking. so it was a play it by ear thing today.

elliptical 4 min

ez preacher curls
30x20, (80 x 14-4-3)= 21 reps

rope cable curls
60 x 12 - 5-3 = 20 reps

standing calf raises
me x10, (me +110 x 20-7-5)= 32 reps

lying leg curls
70 x 14-4-2= 20 reps

SSB squats
155x10, 205x5, 295 x 10 , 185x 20
lots of stretching

abs- side planks/ planks/ weighted bar crunch

Aug. 16, 2016 tuesday- my last day of summer break. 9AM basement

elliptical/ shoulder warm-up

135x8 x3, 185x3, 225x1, (290 x 8-3-1)- 12 reps

Seated oh db press
40x10, (90 x 8- 3- 1)= 12 reps

Seated oh ext
90 x 14-5-3= 22 reps

chin ups
me +25 x 11- 3-2= 16 reps

Chest supported db rows
100 x 12- 4- 2- 18 reps

Rear db flies
25x 15-6-4= 25 reps

Ab work- weighted bar crunch/ scissors/ rev crunch/ rev crazy legs

So thats it. my goal was one summer of DC style training. It was more of a success than I expected. Every exercise increased in weight and reps. I like the way squats are run with a heavy set and a suicide set. i think i need a better way to deadlift though. overall i am very happy with this style of training. I will continue and maybe add some tweaks.

Friday 8-19-16. Basement 5 PM

Elliptical/ tke/ shoulder warm up

Bar curls-
45x 10,5, 65x 10, (100x 12-3-2) -17 reps

Db hammer curls
50x 13-5-2- 20 reps

Seated calf raises (bar in power rack)
135x10, 185 x 18-6-4- 28 reps

135x5, 225x3, 315x1, 405x1,
Heavy set- 475 x 5
Death set- 320x 20

Me x 8-3-2- 13 reps

Stretch whole lower body
Really happy with squats today

Sunday 8-21-16 basement 1pm

elliptial/ shoulder warm-up

Today i decided to switch a few exercises in the program. exercises that are stalling or equipment is maxed out (db’s only go to 110)

NEW- Decline bench (i don’t think i have done these in over 10 years)
45x15, 135x8, 225 x3, (275 x 8-2-1)= 11 reps
stretch these were much harder than i thought…no leg drive

NEW- Behind the neck press (no back support)
45x10, (95 x 14-4-4)= 22 reps

135x5, (230 x 11-2-1)= 14 reps

me x 5, (me +30 x 9-2-2)= 13 reps

Floor t-rows
135x5, 270 (6p) x 8

band face pulls 3x15

abs- bar crunch/ rev. crunch/ rev crazy leg

I plan to start my “cruise” or deload or whatever u wanna call it now. 1st week of school for kids and me. this week gets hectic anyway. I may do some light shit on thurs or friday. But, nothing heavy until next weekend.