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Diesel Portland


All right, metrosexual jokes aside.

For those around the Portland area, the Diesel Store is opening on Sunday at 12 - 6.

The store is located at 12th and Couch (cooch for the initiated) across the street from the Whole Foods.

The space is absolutely fucking AMAZING. Worth just walking through to see what they've done with an old brewery.

Anyhow, I'll be there with some tight ass fashionable jeans. This opening is not being advertised, so should be laid back and relaxed.

Anyhow, flame away Jared :slightly_smiling:


Can I flame too? :wink:


Consider yourself singed.


This isn't worth flaming. It's that bad.


The only flaming here is for being a bad metrosexual. Instead of:

it should read


godamn i look good in these jeans though

i seemed to have lost my eye makeup though

oops ike stole it


Hey, we will try to stop by.

But I am not responsible for any snickering or outright laughing at price tags/fashions.


Also, please avoid any outright snickering or face slapping of women buying their 13 year old daughters returning to school 150 dollar boots and 300 dollar jackets.

The space is fabulous and cute, big boy.


"The space is fabulous and cute, big boy."

Rumbach, do you think we could find some nice jeans for me, too, there? I have a rather ample bottom, gorgeous thighs and a dainty little waist.

Hugs n' kisses,


Whhhhhy Yeeeeeessss, I have the perfect fit for you.

Nadar 782, slight bootcut, not too tight in the thighs.

And the heartshape embroidery is just fab!


Meet Rumbach, the Straight Guy with a Queer Eye.


Rumbach keeps us all honest. I like that.