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Diesel Fuel?? CHuck Deis?

Has anyone heard of this stuff or this person? He has a product that he claims works like Clenbuterol, but that it is not anabolic, or a steroid. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Any information would help.

just checking to see if anyone knew anything about it. My hubby wants to get it, but I don’t know.

THanks in advance for your answers.

Um, maybe you ought to tell us what’s in it.

Is it possible? Sure, it’s called MD-6. It’s out of production, but I bet a search of the Net would turn some up. Try netrition or dps. BTW, clen itself is not anabolic or a steriod.

Rosie, no offense intended here but it sounds like you don’t really have a clue as to what you’re talking about. If you’re reporting the ad that you read correctly in your post, then it’s a scam, pure and simple.

Do a search for “clenbuterol” on the T-Mag site and read up on it. Then you’ll have some idea of how silly it is for an ad to compare the effects of clen to a steroid (or any anabolic agent).

I saw the ad - Rosie can’t tell us what’s in it because the ad doesn’t say. It’s poorly written, looks like an Impact Nutrition ad, and makes all kinds of wild claims. Rosie, compare that ad to one from a major player such as Biotest or EAS - they usually tell you what is in the product, and have references to studies that prove the product works as claimed. Save your money…