Diego Sanchez Training with Steve Maxwell

A nightmare in even better shape, oh well still picking BJ.

the power wheel circuit looks like core hell

[quote]FutureGL wrote:
the power wheel circuit looks like core hell[/quote]

yeah that looked deadly

i really like diego sanchez, but i dont think he will beat bj. bj’s standup is better and even is sanchez can get a takedown no one has a better guard than bj.

i think diego will surprise people. this will be a close fight and the circut training looks crazy and brutal.

i have a friend who was saying that bj was gonna dominate diego and that he will end up being the most dominant champion in the ufc outside of anderson silva (he’s from hawaii and also said machido would dominate shogun). i think this will be a very entertaining fight and wouldnt at all be surprised if it went to decision, but i just think bj wins.

I picked Florian for the last fight and I’m not making the same mistake. BJ will not lose at LW unless GSP loses a limb and fights there.