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Diebetic in Remission, Insulin Sensitivity

on a fat loss diet to lose 20 pounds of body fat .my blood sugars run low now,should i use apple cider vinegar for example or would that bring my blood sugar to low?

Need more information. What medications are you on, if any? Are you type 1 or 2?

When do your sugars run low? All the time? After meds? After working out?

type 2 ,no more meds for over a year.was on novolin 70-30 34 units twice daily pretty much blood sugar 70-120 all the time.I get a spike from eating 1 1/2 hours later normal.last fri blood test A1c 5.4.I have to eat before the gym or i go low,also eat before bed to raise blood sugar for the night fast. more concerned with being low than high,my doctor said i’m basically not diebetic any more, a rare case

You’re no longer on any meds, including insulin, and you have to eat before working out or your blood sugars will go low?

A 5.4 A1C isn’t even in the prediabetes range anymore.

my last a1c was 4.9 I’m handle everything well.i’m 5’8 212 about 18% body fat want to get to 10%.I plan on droping all carbs except veggies .So it will be pro,healthy fats and veggies,before bed I eat cereal w/ milk to keep blood sugar up during over nite fast,I’m just scared of going real low DR said I wouldn’t, i’m just paranoid though.Wiill the nite carbs screw things up.if I could lose 15 pounds it would be great,need some help constructing a solid plan,I’m on TRT so that might spare some muscle,I’ll even cut the carbs out for breakfast [ before i workout ] if I have to.so 46 and can’t lose the last 15 pounds,I have dropped from 238 w/ muscles to 212 with less but still look like I lift,I have a log bicep rehab/come back it’s a log of what I can do post bicep tendon surgery.