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Didn't Win State, But Got a Baby!

Well, I’m sorry to report we were beat in the State Softball Tournament, in the semi-finals. The team that beat us out 3-1, won the State Championship.

However, once I got home on Friday, the wife went into labor. It was a baby boy 7lbs. 3oz. 19" long.


Sorry about the game, but congrats on the baby! Welcome to fatherhood!



Thanks Guys, appreciate the “Congrats.” Next is the Big “V” procedure on the 24th. You guys pray the Doc, don’t slip with the knife.

19" long?

Jesus, thats behemoth.

congratulations man.



Congrats! Post a pic! :slight_smile:


Did you thank your wife for holding out until the game was over?

Talk about good timing.

Congrats and good luck for next year!