Didn't Receive 5/3/1 Forever Book

Hello Jim,
I know this is not the right place for this kind of question so please forgive me.
OnMarch 24 I ordered the new “5/3/1 Forever” book. I used the USPS tracking number to track my package, accordingly to the USPS tracking site my package arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on April 26. One day later the package landed in Mexico, since then nothing has changed and I´m still waiting for my book. I already submitted a “missing mail request” via the USPS Website but nothing happened. On May 05 I send an E-Mail to your Support and asked for help, they told me that tehy will get this worked out. After nothing happened I send another E-Mail to your Support and a woman named Traci Greeve told me to contact her again if I haven’t received it by May 25th, which I did. But nothing happened. Since then I contacted your Support as well as Traci but nobody answered me. I hope you can help me.


PS sorry for my bad english, I’m from Germany.

I can’t forward this to anyone without an order number. Please email “WendlerStore@gmail.com” with a reference to “Germany” and “Juliet” in the header. Thanks and sorry about the trouble -we received over 10,000 orders for books in 3 days and it was overwhelming.

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I have send the E-Mail. Thank you for your help.