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Didn't DL for a Month, Hit a 10 Pound PR Today


I dont know what to think anymore, my squat did improve though this month so that mightve been the factor.




With deadlifts, this doesn't seem to be too terribly uncommon from what I've noticed. By the way, what was the PR. I'm just asking because this seems to be more common with beginners. Also, where's the sticking point? I have a hypothesis that maybe if you're sticking point is close to the ground or breaking the ground, then this kind of thing is more likely to happen since squats (at least for me) tend to be the best DL 'assistance' for this issue.


How much do you deadlift? How long have you been deadlifting?


Yeah... I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. Congratulations?

Also, squats largely hit the same muscles as deadlifts, and they are sorta kinda assistance exercises for one another lol, so yeah.. it's certainly possible.

Also, classic westside, IIRC doesn't deadlift so much as they squat, and they're pretty decent at deadlifting too, so you certainly don't need to deadlift err day to improve it.


i've found reducing my deadlift volume to one top set per week, followed by a few heavy-ish singles is making things go up. squats up too.


It was 425.


At that stage of the game, just lifting weights will help build your deadlift. Doesn't mean it is optimum or will remain optimum for long.