Did Your Test Levels Rise While Running Both TRT and HCG?

Does anyone have any labs or feedback that show that while running trt in conjunction with hcg any elevated overall test levels compared to running just trt?

For example say someone does 200 mg a week test cyp only for 20 weeks then adds hcg in also,

Any feedback on your own experiences?

if your experience is at different dose please still feel free to reply. interested more just hearing if doing in tandem elevates test even more.

I take 200mg T cyp weekly, and I used to take 875iu HCG weekly with it. My TT with T+Hcg was 937ng/dL, and 8 weeks later after I dropped the HCG for good my levels were 836ng/dL. The only change was dropping the H

Interesting. I thought your TT would have been a lot higher than that for 200mg/week

I agree, but my dosing schedule was a little off, cos the clinic would only allow 1 shot weekly but I did 2, every 3.5 days, half dose. The week before both test looked like:

M — 100mg T
T — 400iu H
W — 100mg T
Th — 475iu H

Test on Monday AM first thing. Obviously omit the HCG the second time around. So that was 5 days after 100mg shot, but still, I would have thought it would be a lot higher. I figured my SHBG was super low, but it came back at 30. Haven’t had a check up in a while, but new Dr did increase my dose.

What he is saying it only made about a 100ng/dl less without it at all. I thought there would be a great difference than that. Can anyone else share so we have a few examples to compare?


Any others got results to compare?


On 140mg Test cyp and 1000 IU’s HCG per week (each split into two doses):

Total T: 1600
Free T: 39

On 140mg Test cyp and 700 IU’s HCG per week (each split into two doses):

Total T: 1100
Free T: 18

*So by JUST decreasing HCG 300 IU’s per week, my numbers dropped significantly. So in my case (doubt this can be applied across the board), HCG contributes significantly to increasing T.

Thank you for sharing this.

I wonder if this could be replicated? As in if you took another blood test @ 140 & 700 if it would still be 1100. Seems drastic but I don’t know enough about hcg to have any idea.

Before you started trt what was your total and free t before starting?