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Did you think you could scare me away?

A Short Lesson in the Evolution of Life on Earth

Once upon a time there was the primordial soup from which all life arose. In this primordial soup lurked some amino acids. Over a very long time these amino acids combined to form more complex molecules. These comlex molecules eventually became simple life. To make a very long story short, after many years of evolution, one day some fish walked onto dry land and eventually humanity came into being.

Not all the fish left the sea though. Those who remained lost contact with their former brethren and didn’t hear they had found a brave new world. Instead, they became the T-Mag readers who seem to have such empty lives they have nothing better to do than post reactionary rants on the forum.

(For the most part, this reply is directed at those who posted inflammatory, insulting or condescending material.)

Well, it seems my article sure has stirred up a lot of doo-doo. If you don’t like my article, that’s your right. If you think I’m a self-centered, egotistical, psycho, whiny, cock-loving slut and a bitch, I don’t apologize for your perceptions. I also make no apologies for being a woman who enjoys sex and for being outspoken about it.

And I sure as hell make no apologies for presenting a picture of female sexuality that is raw and urgent. Maybe it scares some of you, I don’t know. Maybe you prefer glossy images of female sexuality accompanied by sexually innocuous text such as “Turn ons: puppies and sunny days, Turn offs: sad movies and traffic jams.” Or, perhaps you prefer the type of stroke mags and porno flicks in which women are portrayed merely as passive cock receptacles with no sexual needs of their own. Or maybe you don’t like porn at all.

Before I address the flamers I have a word or two for those who did not care for the sexual content of the article or found it pointless.

The subject of this article was obvious from the first paragraph. You all had the choice to stop reading the article right away but you continued. If you’re pissed off you have nobody but yourselves to blame. Don’t blame me for writing it or TC for publishing it. Take responsibility for your own actions and police yourselves. Stop expecting the world to coddle you and make it safe and pure for training information. Good God, you people are the blue whales of T-Mag, intent on destroying all sexual content in your path.

Once and for all, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SEX ARTICLES DON’T FRIGGIN’ READ THEM. Why is this notion rocket science for a lot of you? Exercise your right to choose and click on another link as soon as the sexual content of an article becomes obvious. Or, go hang around another BB webzine that caters to your notions of purity. Better yet, why not start your own webzine where you can have full control over the content? Hey, maybe you can get Charles Poliquin to contribute.

To those of you who found my article boring or pointless, you had the same choice to stop reading at any point as well.

I don’t like all the opinion pieces T-Mag publishes either but I’m intelligent and open-minded enough to realize not everyone thinks as I do. Gosh, someone else’s opinion or experience might even give me food for thought and make me smarter and more enlightened.

For example, I had a big problem with some of the opinions Chris expressed in Be the Hammer. But did I send him a flaming email calling him a gun-loving redneck? No, I thought about it and realized that as a man with a family to protect his experience and viewpoint are different than mine. Maybe if I had a child to protect I would be packin’ heat too.

As for you flamers, your hypocrisy is overwhelming.

You call me a stuck-up bitch because you feel I suggested a man can be found lacking in the looks department.

Lord knows, men have never said that about women. Lord knows, men haven’t been judging us on how we look since time immemorial. I wonder how many of you have never looked at a woman you found unattractive and said to yourselves or a buddy “Man, that chick is ugly. I’d never fuck her”. I seriously doubt you are all so pure none of you has never done so. What about men’s magazines? Would you be buying them, as I’m sure many of you do, if they contained pictures of unattractive women?

Do I need to remind you of the time the forumites were tripping over their woodies when Trish, the porn star posted pics? I also perused the posts about the Dasha article and they were as crude as anything I wrote. Funny, nobody started flame campaigns against the guys who posted on these threads for wanting to look at or bone good-looking babes.

Who appointed you judge, jury and executioner anyway, God? Are you are so pure and upright you have the right to judge anyone? I can see the headline in The Heavenly Gazette now:

“God so dismayed by Maureen’s article appoints elite group T-Maggers judge”

I hope the burning bush didn’t scorch your living rooms.

What’s worse is that you launched this flame campaign on the basis of one article. You are no better than the women who accuse TC of being misogynist after reading one of his spicier articles. They fail to see the humor, sarcasm and self-deprecatory note of his writing and believe “sexism” is all there is to him. You are just as stupid as these women. Like them, you believe you have me all figured out after reading one article, and you believe you have the right to judge me.

Gentlemen, spare me your self-righteousness and indignation because your hypocrisy stinks. Before you look for the speck of dust in my eye, remove the plank from your own.

I find it very interesting that the few women who posted replies on the Sex on T-Mag thread so far did not post insults. That tells me the ladies don’t have a problem with my article. If they do, they feel no need to post flames.

So what is it that’s got your goat, boys? Are you threatened by a woman who has burned her psychological chastity belt? Does a woman who talks about men and sex the same way men talk about women and sex menace you? Well, that’s just too bad because I’m not putting a chastity belt back on to please you. A T-vixen lives by her own rules, not the dictates of society, family, friends, media or the likes of you.

Are you pissed off because a woman has stepped onto male territory, held up a mirror and reflected your own attitudes back to you, albeit inadvertently? Be careful, because in judging me you are really judging yourselves.

I also get the impression a lot of you think I’m a lonely, degenerate piece of T-trash who submitted this article on a misguided whim, hoping to titillate you or get some attention. Well boys, I hate to burst your bubbles – actually it’s going to be fun bursting your bubbles – the truth is, TC asked me to write articles for T-Mag as the female counterpart to A-Dog. He made this request based on the strength of several letters I sent in to Reader Mail last winter. He published all three.

So, when all of you have the double distinction of having the chief ask you to contribute and having an article published in T-Mag, come back and we’ll discuss my being a misguided piece of trash further. Yes Joel, I know you have articles published in T-Mag, so don’t bother posting a response to this point.

I wasn’t planning to write another article of the nature of the celibacy article, but now maybe I will, just to piss you off again.

If you think I’m going to slink away with my tail between my legs and go cringe in the corner because of your juvenile rants, think again. I have conquered far worse demons in my life than you. You are nothing.

BTW, I’m also the new moderator for Gang O’ Babes so one way or another I’ll be back.

So go ahead, flame me some more if you wish. But don’t do so with the intention of goading me into a flame war because I won’t reply to individual posts. I have more important things to do, like write some more articles for T-Mag. See you around, you flaming idiots.

But Maureen, 99% of the readers hated your article. Why do you think T-mag will want to publish you again?

And insulting T-mag readers on top of it? That was really smart. Gosh, now we really want to read your articles.

I think she took that well.


Quite the introduction. Next time, please edit your posts for length.

Now, I have one comment to make about your post. We all value each others opinions here even though we generally don’t agree with each other on very much. Instead of insulting people that were disrespectful towards you, why not respond in a manner that might get a decent discussion going?

I thought your article was garbage and I choose not to read any more of them, if they happen to be published. Personally, I’d like to see T-Mag stick to exercise related topics, but that’s just my opinon. I’m not a three year old, so I don’t call people names, even though in this instance I might want to.

You know that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on. Getting mad like that will only raise your blood pressure. Sorry, I had to be the smartass.

You have more important things to do? Quite a long post attempting to get back at the flamers for one having so many important things to do.

The reason some of us read your article to the end was so that we COULD comment on it. If I just read the first paragraph, then posted that it was trash, how could I defend that argument?

It’s also kind of like a really bad movie. Take Dr. T and the Women for example. While watching that movie, I realized that it was the worst movie I had ever seen. Not only bad, but headache-inspiring. The only reason I watched until the end was for the distant hope that the end would draw the movie together and make me realize something I hadn’t. It didn’t; it just proceeded downhill. That same feeling of desparately wanting a good ending may be why some of us read to the end.

And no, I hope to God none of us male flamers are afraid of female sexual liberation. Not anyone who’s experienced any of the last 4 decades, anyway. You seem to think that your article was breaking some sort of mold for women, yet it was dripping with what I would consider cliche. I am, however, very greatful that you take a man’s body into consideration before mating. That is relatively unusual, but not new.

You’re also highly judgemental of us being judgemental. That’s humor. I also think that you have some anger against men in general, but it may just be that you view most men as weak, and I can sympathize with looking down on the weaker of our species.

Your assumptions of what we think are colored by what you want or expect us to think, not what most of us have said. I think I speak for most of the flamers in that we were not shocked, angered, surprised, or challenged by anything you had to say, which must disappoint you (“actually it?s going to be fun bursting your bubbles”).

As far as your writing, I would not mind seeing more of it; I would just prefer different, more applicable topics.

Below is my earlier post which I stand by.
If I were in TC’s job I would scrap the innuendo’s, but I’m not. That style is TC’s style and I look past it and accept it as part of the total package, as a reader for life I obviously think the total is very good.
In my opinion the Maureen article was out of place and abusive, if I want to read articles like that I will visit the appropriate sites.
It is ironic in the same issue Ghost Dog was making fun of other mags and their preoccupation with asses, T-mag ran an at times sexually explicit article. Another irony is that a hot topic at the moment is a womens forum, I can tell you this, if my wife was considering reading T-mag before and read the Maureen article there is no way she would become a regular reader let alone a forum contributor.

I read the whole article to form an opinion, which is expressed above.
I am pleased that you mention Gang of Babes, I think that was/is a great series and wish more articles ran. Completely different purpose and delivery from yours, hence my different opinions.

Great response…I was hoping we’d eventually here from you. As I suspected, you are quite capable of defending yourself. I suspect that a large number of readers, like me, chose not to participate in the idiotic thread that you refer to in hope that lack of participation would choke off the damn thing!

I read your article, I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to reading many, many more in the future.

While I never flamed you Maureen… I find the hypocrisy of this post hilarious.

Those who remained lost contact with their former brethren and didn?t hear they had found a brave new world. Instead, they became the T-Mag readers who seem to have such empty lives they have nothing better to do than post reactionary rants on the forum.
Uh... not that I flamed your article or anything, but apparently you have nothing better to do than write articles about not getting layed and then posting HUGE rants about the flames they generate.

Your rant here is way way longer than any flame about your article I saw. Come on.

Dear Peeved,

Make sure you sever both the carotid artery and jugular vein while piercing the windpipe, and press hard; the larynxKilling silently is a tall order, but a quick look at an anatomy chart will show that the larynx is an easy enough target providing you can make a stealthy submerged approach, sneak up on your victim, and catch him unaware. Once that’s accomplished, grasp his hair as close to the scalp as you’re able to and yank his head back while using your Ka-Bar combat knife to make a lateral cut across his throat. is a tough, rubbery piece of tissue.

Well well well.

I’ll try to address a few points here.

First off, your intro to this diatribe against the readers of T-mag (who, by the way, support the medium that allowed you to “publish” that article) ignores many things, namely the biblical accounting of creation, the thermodynamic law of entropy, and the actual archeological evidence which refutes evolution.

Second, if you actually read the posts by the person who started that whole thread, you’d know that your article was not the BASIS for the arguements, but did bring it to a head.

Third, you said “Who appointed you judge, jury and executioner anyway, God?” Well, no, it wasn’t God (and I find it interesting that you’d find God to be the one deity with the ability to bestow such authority, but use evolution as your intro, but I digress), but rather T-mag themselves (by way of marketing). Writers tend to forget that the publications they write for DO NOT exist as a means to publish their materials, but to serve their readership. That includes everyone who posted something against your article.

And also, you seem to have a very selective memory as to the entire thread which Trish’s pictures generated. Yes, there were many posts that were slobbering all over Trish’s physique, but there were also many posts which said “this has no place here.”

I have no problem with your chosen lifestyle. Yes, I read the entire article, I found it somewhat entertaining, but also pointless. To associate the term “celibacy” to what you wrote seems a bit hypocritical to me. A forced dry spell is NOT celibacy (which implies a conscious choice). Feel free to write more articles for T-mag. I’ll feel free to ignore them.

“I also get the impression a lot of you think I?m a lonely, degenerate piece of T-trash who submitted this article on a misguided whim, hoping to titillate you or get some attention.”

Self-awareness is everything.

Oh, BTW, fuck you.

As if you didn’t seem pathetic enough in your “article”. Now you are wasting space on the forum too. Go get laid already… Herc

Wow, love your article or hate it, nobody can deny you have the ability to stand up and defend yourself. You raised some really interesting points on hypocracy and men’s distaste for women talking the way most men do in the locker room. Good on ya.

i have 1 comment to make about your post; it is way to fucking long to waste my time on!

Geeeeezus, guys.

BTW: I agree w/you, Magnus.

Between that lousy article and that lousy post to regain some respect…I have lost 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

And for that Maureen i say…Fuck you.

Well, good on you for your self-sufficiency and self-empowerment etc. etc., but if I wanted to see women behaving like men (or vice versa), I’d go to San Francisco. You don’t see any guys getting praise for behaving like women, do you? If you saw a guy wearing lipstick & powder, walking around in a short leather skirt, embracing the woman within him, would you think that guy is a “strong person” or simply strange?

It’s different when you chat with your friend about this guy with a cute arse you saw in the gym vs. writing an article that basically makes you sound like a porn star (except porn stars are attractive). Sure, TC does it all the time, but here are two words that might mean something to you: Gender Identity. There is a difference between behaving like a powerful woman and behaving like a lewd man.

Let’s face it, most of us are attracted to beautiful/cute women who can also carry on a conversation. There is no reason I know of that women would not be looking for the same basic characteristics. But when are you asking for too much? You haven’t met anyone in two years who is good enough? You want a guy who is rich, young, smart, huge, ripped, and cute, who loves you beyond imagination? Judging by your picture, you’re simply not good-looking enough to warrant such a man. In fact, I would go so far and say you’re ugly, but that’s only judging by that one picture. Plus there’s no body-shot to change my opinion.

Please, remember that humility is a virtue, and try to practice it in the future. Even if you were a “cunning stunt”, going out and shouting “look at me, I’m so beautiful” would still make you unattractive to me. The only thing worse than a beautiful conceited woman is a conceited woman who is not.

Maureen, I am not going to flame you though your article did upset me very much. I shook my head through the entire article repeating to myself “why oh why did I never find you in all my life” You are exactly who I always wanted, a woman who knew what she wanted and would tell me, “I like this, I want that, do me this way, eat me baby.” This would not only have freed her but me as well because now we are both taking an active roll in our mutual gratification, my pleasure is diminished when I have to worry if I am giving my partner everything she needs or if she is just wondering if the ceiling would look better green. By the way, I don’t look at porn, I don’t want pictures, I like the real thing