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Did You Have Trouble Finding a Job after Your Degree?

I have been hearing about some college grads who end up working minimum wage jobs after they graduate. I don’t want that to happen to me. Have any of you guys had trouble finding a job after you graduated.

I am a biology major. I have always been split into to career fields. law enforcement and the health field. my plan is to graduate with my bachelors and than after wards join the coast guard. Since the coast guard does a lot of law enforcement and search and rescue work I think that would be an excellent branch for me to join. If I like the law enforcement aspect more than I aim for a career in law enforcement but if I like the search and rescue part more than I will go back to school for my doctorate.

I graduated with a physics degree and couldn’t find shit when I graduated. I actually ended up working as a full-time career city firefighter for several years until I realized I didn’t want to spend my life doing that for 30 years. Very cool job and because of my education they moved me into hazmat which was a very good experience-- however I am really happy to be away from it now.

In any case, I ended up having to go back to school and actually getting work experience because I still couldn’t find anything with my physics degree alone. So I went back to school and did some work in nanoscience, and so far it has helped out tremendously.

I would say if you’re interested, the Coast Guard would be a GREAT place to go. I went into the Marines after high-school, and if I could do it over again I would have went into the Coast Guard. Sounds like a sweet gig, usually solid duty stations too.

I got an undergrad in Political Science. I opted to forego opening up a Political Science store and went to law school instead. I highly recommend law school. You will always have a job if you have a law degree. Assuming you can pass the bar and stay out of trouble enough to keep your license.

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If you’re serious about joining the guard you should go see a recruiter. They might pay for some of your undergrad degree.


Accountant here. Was employed within a month of graduation and ever since.

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I’m a Criminal Justice major for my associates going in to law enforcement…

Actually in the mid process for US Customs Officer… They have numerous locations in TX open for Customs officer and Border Patrol… They are actively open right now if you want to take a look.

Other than that, talk to a recruiter for the guard and see where you stand with it…

Health field these days is not any easier to get in to without experience… Even at the lower level positions…

Law enforcement will always be an equal opportunity, you get what you put in to the process. College credits will also help you in selection…

Where your heart leads you, follow it.

By the time I graduated I had:

  • worked in a few retail stores and as a PT
  • volunteered in the university
  • worked in the university
  • had an internship (volunteer)
  • worked over summer in the field

I got a job within 2 months. Unless you get in the top 1% of your class or are very well connected then you need something to back up your degree. Begin working on this now.

Graduated with my Masters in Accounting but got a job through recruiting about 8 months prior to that.

Edit: Internships are important. I had three during my undergrad years.

Definitely this in the accounting and finance fields (not sure about others). I found interviewers were more interested in whether I’d interned in the field than the 4 years I was on active duty. I never understood that, but it seemed to be the case, at least for me.

I’m pretty sure not completing an internship hurt my chances with a few company’s (Legg Mason is one that pops in my head for example). It forced me to bounce around a little until I found my current job, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just keep it in mind.

It is all about presentation and how you sell yourself. You can have a degree in shit shoveling and still get a job if you know how to talk to people.