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Did You Grow Taller after Your First Cycle?

Hey, I want to discuss the “AAS does stunt your growth” thing.
Did any one grew taller after their first cycle?
Theoratically, injecting test should lead to more estrogen (due to aromatisation) which then makes the growth plates closed. But Practically, several people claim to grew during their early cycles…

ps: I am over 19 and am probably done growing. But there are rare cases, where people grew in thear late teens/early tweenties.

Not a direct answer to your question, however, my old primary school pal hit puberty at around 11 years old . . . . nothing unusual, but the way he changed was practically overnight . . . . he was shaving daily at 12 yo, had been chubby, then by 13 was playing rugby very competitively. and winning running races at athletic meets . . . . also he pretty much stopped growing at 13yo, so we always called him “Big ####” throughout early school, now he’s still around 5foot 3.

Anyone gaining height ? on aas is possibly improving posture (improved muscle tone) or more likely simply gaining stature through confidence, and imposing bulk.

yes, steroids wont make you growing taller, but i want to know if steroids stunt your growth even if you are over 18. Especially if you are mentoring your estrogen level.

One of the known anabolic effects of anabolic steroids is accelerated linear bone growth. Estrogen is known to accelerate the fusion rate of ephysial plates.

Less androgenic (and one very androgenic), non aromatising anabolic steroids have been trialed in low to moderate dosages (before GH was readily available) to combat short stature in children and young teenagers. The results varied, however there does appear to be a therapeutic window in which low doses of certain anabolics (namely oxandrolone and fluoxymesterone) may increase final adult height within short kids/teens or at the very least accelerate maturation to the point where final adult height (absent of comprimisation) can be reached quicker

What you’re worrying about is illogical, the truth is… the vast majority of young, healthy men have finished up linear height growth by age 16-18. What’s left after that, if any at all… is typically about one millimetre… granted there are outliers. I didn’t grow much at all after the age of fourteen (perhaps an inch between 14-16)

If you’re worried about you’re height and not growing taller in you’re twenties you need to re integrate into logical ideology. No offence. But expecting to grow to any perceivable amount after TWENTY is illogical, it’s simply not how the healthy human male will typically undergo development

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thank you for you very detailed answer! I was also thinking about Oxandrolone. But Oxa only, will lower your own test. production and therefore most people are telling you not to take oxa only.
And im 19, but there are very few people who grew after 19,20. Even if im probably done growing, i wouldnt want to renounce some extra cms…