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Did You Fool Anyone?


Friday was April Fools' Day and at my school I made a fake test for English teachers ( I teach English in Taiwan) that had insane made-up grammar questions (like "change these sentences to either past intensive tense or adverbial clause tense" etc) but I let some in so that the more gullible ones would feel even worse as the ones who were in on it could do it quickly and say it was no problem.

I also asked my boss (who's Taiwanese) to come in and tell one teacher ( who is of Taiwanese descent but raised in Iowa) that the government would be sending an official soon to pick up the tests and may ask her questions, so this teacher would have to pretend to be fully Taiwanese. So the boss acted nervous and told her the school may get shut down and that this teacher could get deported if she doesn't convince the official that she's fully Taiwanese. So the boss is quickly trying to drill an overly-long sentence in mandarin into this teacher while she's trying to finish the fake test.
Then the "government official" came in (who was really a secretary from another department) and asked this teacher some questions, making her very nervous and she barely got the sentence out.
Once the official left I got to tell her it was April Fools'. I wish I'd brought my camera.


Sort of. I was at an acting gig where one of the actresses had makeup on to look like she got beat up. I told her to email a photo to her parents and say she was leaving her boyfriend (who was also there) because he did that to her.

Later on, not only was her mom worried, HIS mom called him to see what was going on. Gotcha!


Good one!

I don't believe a word anyone says in real life or on the internet all that day.


My wife got me this year. She waited until I was half asleep and she was rubbing my back. She casually slipped in something like, "by the way, I bought $300 worth of lottery tickets." I woke up pretty quick and she started laughing and reminded me of the day.

A couple of years ago was more fun. I went in on it with a co-worker and we went after many in the office and a few mutual friends. Pranks included the timeless "Mr. Lyon called while you were away" (Number to the zoo)...We left "love notes" two two co-workers inboxes trying to get them to meet. They worked at different times of the day and it half worked on one, but the other one knew right away.

The best though was a mutual friend. She was from Canada and going to grad school at the time. I didn't know her that well, so she didn't know my voice. My co-worker game me lots of info about some school department that was sponsoring her visa (or something like that). I called and left a message saying that I was calling from that department and that someone from the FBI wanted to talk to her ASAP about her associations with a made-up Arab-sounding name. I went on-and-on in the message. At the end I handed the phone over to the co-worker who screamed "April fools, gocha!" or something.

I was fortunate enough to be there when the co-worker got called back. I guess the friend completely fell for it.


I stabbed a man with as trident!


I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should probably lay low for a while, find a safe house and wait until the heat dies down...

Since I was at work that morning, I figured I'd play a prank on various customers. If they asked for a low carb/cal shake, they got a gainer and vice versa.


Did they know about it afterwards?


No, forgot to mention that I'm really just a prick. Nobody with serious physique aspirations got pranked, just the squat rack curlers and guys who get to 160 and think it's time to cut for beach season.


Yeah. Best April fools yet!

It was a crap shoot, as I never had an article published in this specific paper before. The readership of the paper is very progressive, very much a hipster crowd. I wrote an op-ed article for a local paper on the benefits of re-segregating the Major Leagues. Basically, I gave my case for the Majors being whites only. On top of that we would reestablish a separate Negro League and then a Latino League. Well, about a three days before April 1st, I got a letter and a check for $40 or so.

The day after April 1st, I got a phone call from the editor (a friend of my current employer) at work who said the article was the most popular that day, as well had the most hate mail and nasty phone calls in the entire career of the paper.


I turned in a $10,000.00 expense report for the March. My boss did not see the humor. He didn't approve it either...


Yes I did.

My coworker friend is in the next cube over. He has been having random power outages at home and has been arguing with the power company over it for a few months. He can tell when the power goes out on because his PC at home shuts down and he can't access it from work. We have him access this PC every now and then to test our services from an outside connection.

I run our computer network, so I blocked access to his home PC on our firewall. I then asked him to test something from his home PC for me. This is common. He couldn't connect and assumed his power went out. He was pissed. 15 minutes later I sent him an automated phone call from the power company using this voice: http://www2.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php .

The message told him a power fault was detected at his address and that he needed to switch the breaker. He called the power company and argued with them for a few minutes before I played the automated message loud as hell on my computer speaker while he was arguing lol.

He was real pissed at 1st but then laughed it off. My intention was for him to waste his lunch break by driving home (he lives a couple miles away) and flipping his breaker but the arguing on the phone was good enough.



That weekend i went on a 3-hour drive with a bunch of people to a house in the middle of nowhere in upstate NY. They told me to get the keg. Once we got there i asked "did anyone bring a tap?"


My roommate told his GF over the phone he got an internship in New York, and he was leaving right after we get out of school, and he was so happy and couldn't wait to go...silence on the phone...then he hears her start crying..

Then he yelled "APRIL FOOLS!" and she hung up on him. Later on she was ok with it though so no major damage done. haha.


I told my friend they're pregnant and its mine. Just kidding. I really told them I'm pregnant and its theirs. They believed me.