did you ever wonder.....

Has anyone ever wondered why someone would ever look at a cow and think…“I’m gonna jerk on those hangy things and drink what comes out” maybe i just have a little to much time on my hands? just somethin to ponder for the day…

…or Rocky Mountain Oysters, for that matter. Who got done castrating their bull and said, “you know, Bob, I’ll bet these suckers taste pretty good. Hell, lets give it a shot!”

Actually, cheese has always confused me. Nowadays, we culture it and process it and do a damn fine job because we’ve had centuries of experience.

But who the hell decided to FIRST try cheese? Hell, it's just rotten milk. I bet it was a dare.

Aud: "Ew, this milk has rotted into a stinky goopy mess. HEY OLAF! I dare you to try this!"

Olaf: "Aud, my precious dove, this milk has congealed and rotted. No."

Aud: "Maybe you didn't hear me, I said I DARE you to try some"

Olaf: "By Odin, why do I live in a culture based on dares?"

{tries some}

Olaf: "Aud, my little harlot, this goopy mess is very tasty! I bet with a little processing, we could make a fortune!"

Aud mutters: "Damn, he lived. I guess I'll have to magic my brute, cheating husband into a troll"

Well, after seeing a calf drinking, it’s not so much of a stretch. I just gotta wonder who figured out baked potatoes.

damn El Machinea thats some good readin

Who ate the first artichoke? How long did it take them to figure out what part was edible?

What really wankers my atire, is glue from horses.

Who ate the first lobster or crab. They look like giant bugs and until you cook them are full of slimy liquid.

People produce milk and all anatomically modern humans know that it’s an important part of the diet of a baby. It would logically follow that as animals came to be domesticated for sources of meat and hides, that people figured they could exploit the resource of productive lactose glands at the same time.

You must be a city boy and been bottle feed. Heck, Demo Dick would have never asked that question.