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Did You Ever Ask For Anything Unselfish for Christmas?


did you?

priest told me that if you prayed for something truly unselfish, you would get it
not praying for minibikes and video games
that was all hit and miss
(probably Satan delivers those things anyway)

ever earnestly wish for something unselfish as a gift?
(or would only someone already so gifted ever wish for something unselfish; oh! 'she moves in circles and those circles ...')


I don't wish for anything. I hate getting people gifts and getting gifts. I just enjoy family time.


I haven't wished for anything for Christmas for about 20 years. I don't expect anything as an adult and as a family we only buy gifts for the kids. Im old enough to get the Satany stuff for myself.

I always wish for the best for the people I love and good people in general.



Merry Christmas, you unselfish bastid :slightly_smiling:


I should pray for a cure for cancer.

I mean, seriously...if I had the cure for cancer, I would TOTALLY show up all those jerks at my next high school reunion.

Oh wait, does that defeat the purpose of this exercise?


OH THANK YOU SANTA! See the benefits of being unselfish already paying off!




< - - - - hates family time, would rather spend the holidays with little people whom smell like cookies.



You should get a whiff of me around this time of year! Christmas goodness!


I prayed that one day I would find a forum that was frequented by 3 different people that closely resembled Jesus.

"Oh lord, we ask you by all that is holy and powered by Windows 7, bring us this day our Stephanogym, KrohDaddi, and Iron Dwarf. Give us this day our daily wisdom from people living in their mother's basement and those who have yet to be wrong about anything, ever. And forgive those who exaggerate their stats, as we have forgiven ourselves for lying about that 350 bench that was actually done seven years ago".



i like planning gifts



You DO know that the devil got into me recently, and I cut off my hair?


X 2

I have now decided to ask for cash for more INK. :slightly_smiling:


Once, I wished that I was Doc Holliday. Not the real one, Val Kilmer from the movie.

It never came through.

God's a dick.



Hmm so Santa == Satan? Maybe celebrating Christmas isn't so bad after all!


I asked for a renewal to the save a manatee foundation last year. That seems unselfish-ish


Oh... I thought it was that you were just "Jesus of Christmas Future"... you know, where 'hippie Jesus' is passe'