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Did We Really Land on the Moon?


I used to think that the mere question was stupid.

But, I was curious and just watched this documentary

Makes some good points. Not saying I believe it, but still makes you think.

During a time when our gov't likely assassinated it's own president, something like this doesn't seem too far fetched considering the era.



They left certain panels on the moon that we still use today to get certain data. If they weren't there, we couldn't get much of that data otherwise.


I used to think the moon landing was faked. Then I saw the episode of Mythbusters that addressed this. Now I believe. I believe everything I see on Mythbusters.


They did land on the moon.

Did ya know that the computers they used when they launched the Apollo 18 (and I mean EVERY computer in the building) had a combined processing power that was just over that of a modern electronic watch?


Kari from Mythbusters.



How is that possible, unless you have a watch that doubles as a graphing calculator.


Computers back then were largely typewriters with a screen. Your PS3 or X-Box would literally cause a rocket scientist from back then to go into convulsions.



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were you being sarcastic with your 1st statement, or was that a typo?


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I wasn't alive then, nor have I read much about it. But, considering how he was sleeping around with MM, during a time when our country would have handled a situation like that differently than the Clinton thing, it's not an impossibility IMO.

just saying :wink:


More amazingly, they were making calculations, real time (ie during mission), with freaking slide rules. Those folks were amazing engineers.


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They ought to just show episodes of Mythbusters in every high school science class.


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