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Did We Lose a Member in Afghanistan?


So I was watching CNN this morning and I just saw this story about the 30 Americans were killed over the weekend. My heart dropped when I saw that, as they were showing photos of some of the deceased, one of the photos looked exactly like a guy's avatar photo on here.

I can't remember the guy's screen name for the life of me, but the photo was of a guy in his military gear with a big, reddish beard and sunglasses on. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? And if the person I'm thinking of is out there somewhere can you please let us know that you are alright?



Oh man... I hope to God it wasn't him.


I just checked his post history. Last time he posted was July 2nd.



Yes, that's his name. I knew I would recognize it if I heard it. Was he a SEAL?

This whole thing has got me thinking too. There are a lot of problems with this country right now, spiritually (NOT in an organized religion way), ethically, politically, economically, etc. But to me, the BIGGEST problem is that we generally view our economic malaise as being the biggest problem when really, the biggest problem is that there are still young Americans dying for who knows what anymore half a world away.

I hope he's alright. I don't really give a shit about the Dow Jones at times like these.


Could mean nothing though.

The only way to check it is by his real name or if someone knows him.


anyone know his real name and not his screen name? I can find out if he was on the helo or not. I knew quite a few guys on that flight, including my old roommate Aaron.... sad day indeed.

I posted this in the other thread but it got moved to the blackhole that is known as PWI so i wont be checking that... but I'll post it here again:

For anyone that would like to help the Naval Special Warfare community you can donate $10 to the Navy SEAL Foundation, text the word SEAL to 90999 and a one-time $10 charge will be added to your wireless bill.


you can donate gift cards for supplies for the families (WAWA,Target,Starbucks​,Gas Cards,Walmart...) or money donations in the form of cards (Visa,Mastercard) to:
Delightful Digs/ATTN: Families of the Fallen
1777 london bridge road suite 103
virginia beach,va 23453.

They will be collecting cards immediately. Your thoughts, prayers and donations are greatly appreciated


Is this the guy you saw DB?


I'm sorry to hear about your friends Gregron. Whenever I go to Starbucks I buy a pound of coffee to donate to soldiers in Afghanistan. I think I'll make that $10 donation to the SEAL foundation too. Can I do it more than once? My phone bill is SUPER cheap each month anyways and I really wouldn't mind paying an extra $10 EVERY month if it's going to the SEALs. My cousin is a SEAL and just got back from Afghanistan last month. Haven't had a chance to see him yet (he lives in Virginia Beach) but I'm glad he's alright.


^^thats not sjoconn


I JUST saw that on CNN and it looks kinda like him, but the photo I saw was different than that one and it looked like the EXACT same photo sjoconn has in his avatar. Fuck.


I agree.
Welcome to the U$A


Thanks for letting us know that it's not him, Gregron.

Prayers for those lost anyway.


Well, regardless of whether or not we lost a TN member, 30+ young people made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is a sad day indeed.

Thanks for posting the donation info Greg.


Yea I know its not him. I was trying to see if that is who DB saw on CNN so we could rule out that it wasn't Sjoconn.


Hungry4more is on deployment at Afghanistan, I hope he is alright and uninjured.


He is alright and uninjured. Talked to him on Saturday after this happened. But yeah, he said it wasnt him or any of his group...


Would any of us know who would be gone if something like this happened?


Our economic malaise is caused in no small part by having troops on the ground around the world and sustaining a 10 year long war.


2 things I remember from his old posts:

1) He's not a SEAL
2) The beard was a one-time thing when regulations allowed it for a short time or something. I think the pic was from 2005. Yes, I remember odd things like that all the time hahaha

Went through some of his posts recently because I was trying to find a comment he made on some unrelated issue.

Edit: Weren't there other guys on board (of the chinook) as well though, no just SEALs?


(at least I hope I remember that stuff right)

And damn... That many guys stuffed into a chinook and of course it ends up getting hit...

Sorry for your loss, folks.