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Did We Ever Learn the Lessons?


Have we forgotten the dangers of price control, minimum wage, excess taxing, full employment, unemployment compensation, unions, inflation, welfare, subsidies, etc etc... Have we not learned anything from the past?

To improve the economy, we need leaders that understand economics. But this shouldn't just be recommended reading for those who hold or are running for political office - it's required reading for everyone.

The more of our Conservative leaders who grasp the basics the sooner we'll return to domestic fiscal sanity.


Use a term other than conservative to describe this please: it doesn't mean what it used to mean.

Our elected "conservative" leaders have been just as bad, if not worse, economically than our "liberal" leaders.

Example: the military industrial complex that has existed in this country since WWII is nothing but a "conservative" government jobs project, on par with the new deal, just building weapons instead of roads, and employing Solders, Sailors, Marines and Airmen instead of civilian civil servants: the net effect is the same.

The stuff you are talking about is so basic is ought to be apolitical. Even if you want to do things like advocate price controls, or "living wages" you ought to have some grasp of how economics works: there are people out there who think it's better to have a smaller pie, making sure everyone gets an equal slice, than larger one. We'd still all benefit if those folks had a real understanding of the impacts of their policies.





My go to book on economics. I believe it should be required reading.


Original Conservative ( aka Libertarian) and early Republicans (before the Imperialism began).
I did not include Liberals because social programs are the DEVIL!

Note this sentence: The more of our Conservative leaders who grasp the basics the sooner we'll return to domestic fiscal sanity.

Yes..they have strayed. Big time... and for far too long.
And if Liberals grasped the basics then they wouldn't be Liberals anymore. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Needs to go. We spend 1 trillion dollars a year on foreign policy!

Of course.


No lesson to be learned with this generation. Too many idiots in the world. Vampires and Werewolves are more important than economics.


its funny because one of the main points of the book is abstinence.

I was actually told that by twilight fans.


Whatever John, we know you read the book. smiley face


start here


Can't have a capitalist economy based on a morality of altruism. That's like building a mansion on sand.


Quite the contrary -- altruism and vampirism go hand in hand. Altruism teaches the victims that its moral to bare their necks.


Here is the link to the book online: http://jim.com/econ/chap01p1.html


I think you'll find that liberals before FDR where more to your liking.



Here's another good book.


Concise indeed. Thanks mate!!