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Did Vince Young Go Batshit Crazy?

So, I’m eating lunch, and watching some ESPN, and the little scrolly thingy at the bottom of the screen says that Vince Young had been acting strangely since the series before he was hurt.

Then, later that night, the team was worried about his emotional state when he left the clubhouse, and had the cops go pick him up and escort him home.

Is he so sensitive to getting booed that he slumps into a manic depression? Or are there issues affecting him I haven’t heard about?

Just seems weird as hell to me.

That’s what happens when you draft a guy that scored a whopping six on his wonderlic.

I don’t think the situation was as bad as the headlines mad it out to be:


That is a first. I have never heard of the team getting the PD to find their quaterback.

Did he contemplate retirement or something after his rookie year? I don’t remember the details, but it seems like, at the very least, he has some maturity issues.

Dude clearly has some underlying issues going on. Emotional immaturity combined with a lack of intelligence is just a volcano ready to go off. Take that instability into a situation where performance is off (which happens even to the best of them) and you get what you saw. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up pulling something akin to a Ricky Williams in a season or two.

The thing I heard this AM was that coming off the field after throwing an interception, the home crowd booed him. He went to the bench and put a towel over this head. When it came time for him to go back into the game, he at first refused to do so until Jeff Fischer had a chat with him.

There are not many things that will doom your career more than refusing to go back into a game. Scottie Pippen barely lived that down.

If he has something serious going on in his life, then I hope for the best for him… but this is going to get ugly fast.

[quote]Kuz wrote:
Scottie Pippen barely lived that down.


I almost forgot about that. Toni Kukoc for the win! (literally)

I read about this story this morning in the paper, and who knows what the truth is. Perhaps the NFL isnt what he thought it would be. Being dominant in college is one thing, but to do so in the NFL too is a whole different animal. I hope Jeff Fisher gets this guy’s head right and soon.

[quote]tedro wrote:
That’s what happens when you draft a guy that scored a whopping six on his wonderlic.[/quote]


Young appears to be a moron. I don’t know if anyone caught it or not, but during the UCLA game they were discussing Norman Chow’s (sp?) resume. They were discussing how his is a complicated offense, talked about how he won at his two previous college posts and then started discussing his two year stint at the Titans. There was something said like, “At Tennessee,” long uncomfortable pause, “they just didn’t have the personel to run his offense.”

I read into it, probably more than I should, that Young couldn’t handle the offense. Mack Brown even said that Young blossomed when they stopped trying to coach him. To me, along with the supporting information, it is saying he is too stupid to be coached because Mack Brown isn’t a slouch at coaching.

Hell of a college football player? Yes. Would Texas have won the National Championship without him? Probably not. Moron? Almost certainly.

He makes every stereotype of football players seem true when quite the opposite is usually the norm.



The agent for Titans quarterback Vince Young, who became the subject of a manhunt in Nashville based on fears that he might harm himself, says that Young was simply watching football on Monday night, and that there was no reason for anyone to fear for his well-being.

�??This is all being blown way out of proportion,�?? agent Major Adams told the Nashville City Paper. He just went to watch both of the games last night at a friend�??s house. I had talked to him. He told me where he was and everything.

�??He said he can�??t believe he can�??t just go and watch a game and people need to know where he is 24 hours a day,�?? Adams said.

But the folks who blew it out of proportion were either Young�??s friends or Young�??s coach. Whatever Fisher said to the cops caused them to commence a search for the player and to put police negotiators on stand-by. As a police officer whom we know told us today, such measures are employed only when authorities believe that the person is a danger to himself or others.

So, basically, someone has some explaining to do to Young, and even if Fisher isn�??t to blame for blowing it all out of proportion, the relationship between the two men surely isn�??t in the same condition it was yesterday at this time.

per profootballtalk.com

The first time I ever heard him speak I seriously thought he was borderline retarded. It was post the OSU game where Texas won on the road. My kids and I were watching it and we had to rewind the dvr a few times to get any clue to what he said.

He sounded like Boomhower from King of the Hill.


What a crybaby. Seriously, he is living every man’s dream and he wants to get upset when he gets booed. That comes with the territory. I can’t stand him, and I hope they boo him again when he plays again.

Now his mommy is telling his story and how upset he is at being booed…buy some stock in kleenex (or start playing better) with all that money you big overpaid crybaby!!

I guess I can understand his strange behavior if he has something going on in his personal life. But then again maybe he should get the fuck over it and play since he’s getting paid more than some people will make their entire lives…

and the thing with his mom is fucking rediculous. Nobody wants to hear from his fucking mom.

Ask Houston fans if they are still upset with not drafting him…

Who knows if he’d ever be worth a damn as a player. You’ve got to have a supporting cast.

If my mom went public and whined for me I’d have to become a fucking ostrich!!

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