Did TRT Help Your OCD/Ruminating?

Has trt helped anyone’s obsessive thinking, ruminating, or worrying. I have a huge problem with this. When i was on test it all seemed to have completely dissipated. No worrying, overthinking or anything. Not sure if it was a placebo or not. Any anecdotes?

Theoretically testosterone can reduce anxiety and help with depression if depression is caused by lack of testosterone like in meny men nowadays.

How has it effected you? Were you an overthinker/ruminator? Ive read a study that suggests Testosterone makes men likely to second guess their decisions as opposed to women who will check multiple times to see if they made a mistake

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I have not started TRT and will start in a couple of days. My testosterone is suboptimal and I’m also constantly overthinking and second guessing things. I hope TRT helps with that. It should.
It was not a placebo, forget about this placebo shit. Why did you stop testosterone?

Fertility reasons

If you got the job done you can restart?

TRT has definitely helped my obsessive worrying. That was a good side effect I wasn’t expecting. I now believe much of my worrying was based in a lack of confidence. It’s hard to not feel confident when your T levels are high normal.

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Magnesium Glycinate, 400-600mg at bed time. Titrate upward if ruminating persists.

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Thats the plan

Hope to feel the same soon

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Elaborate. Definitely one of the main reasons i likes being on trt

Based on a number of posts from different members throughout this forum, TRT definitely does not help to reduce obsessive thinking or ruminating. (It’s funny 'cause it’s true.)

Correcting low T can certainly improve mood, anxiety, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Those combined effects, it would make sense to have fewer episodes of worry, self-doubt, etc.

With certain issues, it doesn’t matter if it’s a placebo or not. The end result counts most. You got healthy in more ways than one and that’s a good thing.

Has anyone of you tried Magnesium Threonate? Is it better than glycinate?

I have I don’t like it(I tried L-Threonate). I like most bissglycinate

Well, what was the difference for you between those two?

L-Threonate makes me more sleepy and anxious while bissglycinate reduces my anxiety and improves muscle recovery. Both are Now Foods

Not sure how to explain it really. I used to constantly feel insecure with my wife, worried she would look elsewhere because I wasn’t good enough. Every bad day at work would lead to me building a story in my head about how I was probably going to be fired (which in retrospect is always ridiculous), that would then snowball into bigger and bigger visions of the horrible things that were going to happen. I would stay up all night with those baseless worries. That is mostly gone now. New patterns are developing.

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I worry a lot less when my T levels are good. Confidence is the biggest driver of that, I think. Still can be obsessive but it’s definitely controlled.

I did a lot of CBT to help with my anxiety several years back and that broke the back of it. It was hard work.

Directing your mind to the present is one of the best ways to calm an unruly mind. And not as difficult as CBT. I did a long post on it over the summer. I call it narrating the day.

No idea if the advice helped anyone here in the long term but I have helped several in meatspace with it.

One young lady went from burdened and miserable to light and airy in the space of a week and is still doing great, but she really took to the method and really wanted to get better.

Basically my story. Interesting enoug, when I was preparing for my BB show and I got really lean (not pre- contest type of lean), but I guess 8-9% of BF my ruminating stopped and I was kind of like superman).
I think when I was lean, I stopped aromatizing so much and I had lot of testosterone. When we had an argument about something with my GF, we almost split up, because I was strictly showing my opinions on things. After the competition it went to shit and bac to old-self, doubting slightest shits.
Anxiety, nervousness is primarily connected to our hormones.
When I wean off my antidepressants and fix my thyroid issue I’ll do TRT too.

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There is surely physiological component to it, cause I have had CBT with great counsellor, who always has taught me to deal with my problems straigtaway and ignore anxiety. Thoughts are not real, express yourself, your opinions.
But after the show, my hormones went to shit and I could meditate, have cold showers, but still trillions of thougths come and I was in constant anxiety no matter what.
CBT at its best teaches how to cope with it, but I think the cure is when you fix your hormones. Only then you can apply all those rules (narrating, etc.)