Did TRT Help Your Anxiety, Depression or Derealisation?

i have a post showing my super low T levels im going to the doctor soon to get treatment for it. curious how this has effect your depression and anxiety?

TRT has made a huge difference in my mental make up, crushing my depression and anxiety.

No more doom and gloom thoughts throughout the day.

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It helped with libido and overall “drive” in life. A little for depression but therapy, meditation, and a constant effort to change my mental outlook did way more than TRT did. It’s not a panacea.


thanks for replying im in the same boat im diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression to the point i had to go on disability for it. tried a number of antidepressants no luck with them anymore. my t levels were 6.1 so quite low im 35. can i ask how bad your symptoms were

What’s helped me most is no drinking and no marihuana.

Both affect neurotranmitters in pretty significant ways. If you are having depressing and/or anxiety, quitting both will help.

TRT should increase dopamine for you.


Can’t say I had any. I was very apathetic tho, is that a form of depression? That went away once I started TRT

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@roscoe88. How long ago did you quit and how long did you smoke and drink in your life

Not as bad as yours, more of a depressive state and lack of enjoyment in life, poor outlook to my future. I also had moments of agitation and anxiety.

You might have more than one reason for your severe depression and anxiety and low-T may very well be contributing to it. A lot of stress can cause your testosterone to plummet as well as medications that treat depression and anxiety.

TRT might not cure all your ills, but it will help and can give you the ability to manage it.

yeah i never have been a weed smoker and drinking has been about twice a week but i have cut that out for over a month now. deffinitley need to address my severe anxety

I’ve been drinking since high school. I’m 44.
Many years of binge drinking. Smoking pot since college days.

These are both carcinogens. Its been hard to quit both, and i do think marihuana has a bit of dependency to it after awhile.

I will have a glass of wine every couple weeks if i’m out on a date, but that’s about it. No more numerous bourbons nightly, which was my last type of alcohol of choice.

Just give them up for 3 months and tell me how you feel. If you don’t feel any difference, ok,. But i have and i’m glad i did.

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And TRT, if dialed in, should help anxiety. Dialed in, you feel mentally great. Sharp. Well spoken. Words flow easier. Thoughts come better. Everything works better. But if not dialed in, anxiety can worsen.

Anxiety is a problem of neurotransmitters, mainly serotonin. Scientists aren’t sure whether its from too much or too little. Most think too little, hence the push for SSRIs. It begs the question then, what is causing the imbalance?

Estrogen greatly affects serotonin levels. TRT is a main affecter of estrogen, thru aromatase conversion.

Weed/alcohol also affect neurotransmission. So 1., stop both. 2. assess how you fee after a few months. If nothing changes, I would then look into TRT if numbers are low.

Just remember, TRT is a life commitment. It’s fairly easy to give yourself shots. But it’s something that has to be done.

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YOu also mentioned “derealization”,.

Do you have any mental things going on? BiPolar? Any cluster B (or any cluster for that matter) disorders?

I don’t think TRT has helped me much with these things. I think a shrink is probably your best bet here. There isn’t anything wrong with TRT if you need it. I just wouldn’t assume it is going to cure major mental issues. It isn’t a cure all that some make it out to be. Just my opinion.

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Me either. I’be been on SSRIs for 20 years. Hopes TRT would help but it has not.

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There is a lot of false advertising around testosterone. I am not dumb enough to fall for a nugenix ad, but at one point I figured the real deal (TRT) might yield those type of results. Stronger in a matter of weeks, tons of energy (springing out of bed excited about the day type thing), and less things like anxiety or depressive thoughts. It helped some, but a fraction of what I expected.

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How old are you and What do you do daily now with no work ?

I can’t speak from my own personal experience, but I can about others whom I treat and have treated.

Unfortunately, you’re practically wasting your time here. I do not mean it’s a complete waste. It’s not a bad idea to ask around and learn from the experiences of others. As you may have seen, you will find a wide range of results, all the way from miraculous to worthless. That is what I have seen. Response to TRT can be very individual anyway and when you throw in mental illness, which is also individualized and complicated, it becomes quite challenging. You’re going to have to try it and find out how you respond. The success or failure of others will not necessarily, or likely, compare with your experience.

As an aside, I have met a few psychiatrists at BHRT medical conferences. They use hormones in their practices, obviously. One related seeing a lot of her men ending up on TRT and not needing her. She decided to take a look at it, eliminate the middle man. Another one reported using up to 2000mg daily progesterone (I typically use 150-250) with some women. Interesting.

Good luck. Hope it helps you.

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thanks for your response. i would say my main issue is non stop anxiety. i dont get a break my adrenaline is constantly pumping out and i can never catch my breath and breathe right… if you saw me you would see quite visably im stuck in a very anxious and struggling state. ive failed all teh ssris and snris except for luvox i havent tried that. i tried wellbutrin didnt work, gabapentin didnt work i tried quite a bit. any ideas how i can calm this down? i havent had much luck with working out and diet i have bad stamina and working out makes me feel worse… im pretty messed up doctors dont seem to know whats going on

35 years old having this terrible anxiety and adrenaline non stop every day like im going to die its brutal… so that and depression im pretty much house bound at this point

thanks for this i plan on trying the gel form hopefully getting my numbers up a few hundred points helps

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