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Did Starting HCG while on TRT Reduce Sex Drive?

Is that possible? Did anyone hear of this ever?

It depends on who you ask, mostly HCG cause problems like low libido and extra sides. The question you have to ask yourself is are you willing to sacrifice libido for fertility and fullness of the testicles.

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I have zero experience with hcg but I would think it comes down to getting dialed in. I’m sure most just don’t ever find the right amount of hcg & T because it’s time consuming. T by itself is hard enough for some. I could be totally off though. I would think there is a point where if you get both just right that libido would be fine. I see it recommended here a lot to get your T protocol in check before adding hcg.

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It certainly makes dialing in the hormones more difficult. Speaking from experience. You are working with more variables.

Interested to see if other guys experience lower libido with HCG added in. I had a generally poor experience with it at first, but am considering giving it another shot at a lower dose.

No all HCG has done for me was stop my balls from aching.
Are you on TRT? How long? Have any bloods you can share?
Over the top E2 is the usual problem with TRT patents that end up with libido issues.

anyone else think this?

think what? I have systemlord blocked because he is so out there with his made up theories.

HCG will raise your E2 and that can kill your libido if it goes too high. That is why we have anastrozole. You can take your HCG for testicular atrophy and pain and run your TT/FT lvl where ever you want and keep your E2 in check. It is so simple a caveman could do it. HAhA.

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I question the sanity of anyone who at random attacks other members without cause or justification.

I never acknowledge or reply to him unless attacked.

I doubt OP cares if a mentally unstable man has blocked other members who are here to do nothing other than to help, but thanks for sharing utterly useless babble.

I do hope it made you feel better though.

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@systemlord He blocked me as well, I should feel so miserable for not understanding his genious AI theories right :smiley:

Many people report feeling worse on HCG, some people on the other side report feeling better and with increased sexual sensitivity. Very subjective.

As we talk about the HCG side effects I understood in Turkey they sell LH, I guess it is available in other countries as well. What is the reason it is not used instead of HCG? Maybe it shuts down your hypothalamus and pituitary?

I doesnt seem as simple as taking your ai because then you got to try and find the right protocol for that also.

You get your T protocol figured out
Then you add hcg, got to figure out its protocol (the right dose and frequency for you)

Then you got to try to find the right protocol for taking your ai when you combine trt and hcg?

Just adding more variables seems? Seems simple but could also be complex to get?

What do you guys think?

This is how it works silly. You do what you want. You want T mono ((( for simplicity ))) get ready for gyno in about a years not to mention all the other bad sides high E2 gives you. There is a reason those of us that wanted to take more T than needed and keep E2 in check. Before AI’s gyno was rampant. Pro body builders need surgery to remove all the glands under the nipple so gyno could never come back. In the 80’s it was $4,000.00 2 grand a nipple now in 2019 its 8 grand.

Without a doubt, every drug causes new complications. Te less you can use, the better. It’s best to start with just Test and get that worked out more or less). If you need HCG, add it in. If you have a need foer an AI for some reason, try it carefully and very sparingly and don’t be in a rush. Less is more.

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