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Did Something Stupid Tonight


Yeah it's me ToneBone...the name fits apparently...lol..

So I'm out w/the bro, a pal from 6th grade, big boy works out w/me still...go to a movie, on the way back, I say let's go through town instead of....right,..as I'm driving around, your typical asshole is driving a bit fast and stupid behind me...so he comes up on us...He's a punk teenager or twenty something mofo..w/about 5-6 pahtnuzz in the van w/him...

He trys giving me/us, a "look"...I already want to pummel this jerk...I ask him if he's got a "problem", the usual right?..we start going back and forth, he throws a f/food soda at my car, hits the street, by now he's tellin me he's such and such(local town) gang, etc..flashin his idiotic punk ass signs at

Yeah I'm ready to just farkin take some of lifes frustrations out on this mthafka....about to just slam his car, stop and get it on, whatthefark ever...then my homey starts tellin me "cmon,let's get out of here"..

And meanwhile dickhead is now motioning to a weapon down by his door, sayin "say somethin"...yada,yada,yada...."I smoke mthafkaz like you for this shit, yada,yada,yada,....typical, this guys forearms are like 10 inches around maybe if he's lucky ya know?

         OK, I'm putting my car back in his lane too, slowed WAY down...Fark all, I'm ready to give it to this mother fucker,...and then I remember, fark all Tonebone, you're not single and crazy anymore...wtf are you doing??

     I got a beautiful wife and kid,...wt holy f am I doin...? Now tell me I'm not crazy, just tired of these TEENAGE, AND YOUNG ASS mothafkrzz killing folks like it's nothing....

        I used to be one of these crazy kids, but never in a gang like these mofos today...just fighting all the time, even against gang members when I was young,...but that was then, ya know?...Fuck I tried out for the seals, was a bouncer, so I might not be the shit, but I aint no pussy either, just mellow now..

            The other part of it...I've had 3 great friends get murdered by these types of punks in the last 4 years...including my buddy who was with me's little brother who was murdered a couple years ago, just had the anniversary deal at the gravesite...anyway,...I hate this shit, and wanted to tell you guys to see what you think you would do...if you were me in the situation...

          I should have just ignored the little fuck eh?

              Jeezus...what a dumb thing I did...

              Leave the little kid and wife w/nothin?

          anyway, sorry I'm on a roll here, had a cocktail and some of the mary jane to think shit over...it was pretty intense at the time....seriously intense...

              hey, hope to hear I am sane and justified in wanting to beat the tar out of these kids...

                later guys,


i feel the same way you do sometimes. We got quite a bit of them in edmonton (Canada), believe it or not. They are some stupid motherfuckers I'll tell you now. They compensate for failure in life with the stupid shit they do.


english translation please.


"Some assholes are only alive because it's illegal to kill them (and the good guys are forced to act with restraint)"...


you should have smoked that motherfucker the way snoop smokes a blunt

but seriously sometimes enough is enough


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Know what I hate most? A pussy with a gun.


I suggest that instead of giving him "the usual" you could have made your night less intense by returning his hard look with a blank stare, maybe a yawn, followed by another blank stare. You gave this punk the power to piss you off by letting him get under your skin.


You need to teach those bitches at the drive through a lesson man. I wouldn't let some punk mess up my order like that. Sayin?


cell phone guy, come on! This shit happened to friend of mine. He was on his way to Pismo beach when some pussy ass gang members cut him off. He flew the bird and they pulled a gun. he took there plates, called 911 and faded back. when he got to Kettlemen City CHP had those bitches laying on the 120 degree pavment.


Always ride with a piece just for stupid occasions like that when some motherless motherfucker tries to come hard. Kids nowadays are ridiculous, got no code and no respect for nothin, its truly ashame the garbage parents are bringing up nowadays. Smart thinkin about your family pride will get you killed


I have no idea what I just read.


Is stroking your own ego worth dying for?

Is inflating your own ego worth leaving a wife and kid behind?

Is flexing your ego worth getting your friend killed, too?


This is the best advice so far.

If he had a weapon, you could've been killed. And for what? Because you didn't like the way he was driving?

I'd love to visit America but knowing how many people carry guns day to day over there really freaks me out.


I am pointing one at your avatar right now.


Even Australia isn't safe anymore.


It shouldn't.

First of all, there aren't THAT many people who carry over here. The ones who would freak you out (criminals) are probably carrying illegally, anyway. If they're doing it illegally over here, they can do it anywhere, in any country. Even yours.

Then there are the guys who carry legally, who have no malicious intent toward anyone and would only use a gun if their life was in danger. They put time into training and educate themselves as much as possible on firearms and self-defense situations. Those are the guys that need to be - and should be - carrying. And provided you're not a criminal, you've absolutely no reason to fear us.

So, visit America. Don't let ungrounded fear convince you otherwise.

And hell, while you're here, go visit a gun range and rent a few.




In the US in 1997 32,436 people died from firearm injuries. The majority (54.2%) were suicides, 41.7% were homicides, and 4.1% were unintentional shootings of indeterminate nature. Of the 13,252 homicides, the victims were disproportionately young, male and black (52% = 103.4 per 100,000 population). By way of comparison the firearm homicide rate for the population as a whole is 3.6 per 100,000 population. On the otherhand, in 1997 there were 37,374 traffic fatalities (14.66 per 100,000 population).

Unless you are young, male and black, if you are going to fear random death in the US, you should be more afraid of driving on our highways.


I could not even finish reading your post. You come across as a moron by your terrible gramar skills.

What did this guy's forearms have to do with anything?