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Did Some Sprints What Do You Think

started walking 1/4 mile then 3 30yard sprints, 3 20 yard sprints,finally 3 10 yard sprints, all with 2 min rest between sets, I guess it was a could way to start.some info is that i had lung cancer and have only 1 lung,I’m not using it as an excuse some input would be appreciated

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My asthma doesn’t compare, but I find that a combination of regular walking, jogging and sprints does moderate my problems and keep me breathing better. Sprints alone don’t have the same effect. I’d also be concerned about anything high intensity without physician clearance. Just my two cents. Good luck!

I also walk with a 20 pd vest 2miles, walk on a 6 incline on the treadmill, and walk/jog also, i tore my distal bicep tendon surgery 6/30, so it’s all i can really do know I figured i 'd increase my endurance so i’ll be in shape when i can start up lifting again. thank you for your 2 cents,