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Did Some Research


The little chemist in me has been doing some research in homebrews and low and behold I found this company---SHANGHAI ABCHEM CO.,LTD---to be of quite interest...does anyone, or has anyone heard of this company...they sell quite alot of goodies..including all prosteroid and prohormones that came out prior to 20 Jan 2005. It is all in powder form from what I can tell and it looks like the pricing is way better than what I have seen on chemfinder. Anybodies three cents would be appreciated...peace and merry xmas.....


Bro, it is better that you do not discuss things like this on the forums.

My advice is if you are going to break the law by importing some steroids, you should not advertise your plans.

Now, as far as to answer your question, use some common sense, buy in small quantities, and there are tests you can perform. Do a search.


wtf!Are you crazy?You don't put stuff on board like that bro.



For a topic like this you have to schedule a meeting at exactly midnight under the big oak tree outside the library and wear red it will let us identify each other. Seriously guys are too paranoid about getting busted. My uncle is an analyst at DEA headquarters (not an agent but never the less still has the scoop) and told me they seek out," Major probablamatic distributors and public corruptors." This doesn't mean the bodybuilder looking for a 6-week cycle. They are targeting people of high influence such as pro's and high ranking athletes and trainers and MAJOR pushers. So keep your mouths shut and don't let the entire gym in on your secret supplier and you'll be fine. But are they scanning the T-Nation forum? Highly doubt it.


walk your thin line my friend.The jail is full of people that thought they had it all figured out.I know better and you should to.Paranoid may keep you free bro. Good luck man........you need it.



Yes, if warrented, T-Nation would have to divulge all names, pm's/ correspondence, and IP addresses. And just because you erase you pm's that doesn't make you safe.

Discussing sources on a board isn't that smart at all, and the attitude of 'what would they want with little ol' me?" doesn't play, as there are lots of law enforcement officials out there eager to make a name for themselves, and you are just another knotch on their belt.

Protect yourself and protect your sources. Save discussions of these only for in person and encrypted (preferably) email.