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Did Public Television Commit Self-Censorship to Appease Billionaire Funder David Koch?


Corporate control over news outlets to filter the truth.



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Meh. No one cares about PBS, or NPR. They've been in the tank for the progtarded left for a couple of decades.

I other Koch-related news: The Brothers Koch, undeterred by the birkenstock-wearing, anti-personal-hygiene, militant labor union coalition, are planning on purchasing the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and 4-5 other major news papers.

I, for one, could not be more pleased about the possibility - if for no other reason than it might actually make little Zep's head explode. Plus, it will keep the Real News propaganda department running at full speed for the foreseeable future.


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I hope that they did. Being a gigantic employer of many technical trades, he is probably one of the biggest contributors to the funding of labor unions, and the libs owe him one big time.

In fact, I don't understand what so many libs have it out for big businesses. If it weren't for them their brothers in arms would be a bunch of broke assed motherfuckers on unemployment instead of gainfuly employed dues paying members in good standing.


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Corporate control over media is horrible if you value truth at all. They filter the news for their own benefit. If the Koch brothers take over major new outlets then the chances of reporting anything bad about them is slim to none. So they can just get away with what they want more often.


You're right. You don't understand. Big business has the propensity of squashing the labor movement to make themselves more profit. While productivity rises wages do not. If wages rose in conjunction with productivity instead of going to the CEO or major shareholders the mean average household income would be 90k. It is almost 50% less. So tell me why should the workers and/or libs be happy with big business?


Government control of media is even worse.


You ever see a union take over, or what happens to smaller shops when one occurs? (disregarding the fact that even the most desperate unions want nothing to do with small shops)

I guaranfuckingtee you haven't, or if you did you are to fucking stupid to understand what exactly happens. You would also have a better understanding of the interdependent nature of labor unions.

Keep wandering around your world of wonder Bambi.


Zep is one of those people who think they know everything because they saw a show about it on Discovery Channel. Or - in his case - watched a shit video on some third-rate progressive "news" site.

He, pittbull, and that VTballa bitch are the definition of "low information voter". Only their ignorance is on a level beyond that of the typical lever-pulling, recipient-class loser.


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Sony's CD player in 1992 = $1,600 in 2012 dollars. How much is a Sony CD player today?

They might be happy because some of that "productivity rising" has transformed into making the products we once saw as luxury items, now everyday household appliances, through lowered prices.

Good lord, you and Liz Warren are cut from the same cloth of "can't see beyond my nose, but the bullshit coming out of my mouth sounds good to people who don't think."


Why do we continue to comment on the REALNEWZ threads.

/yes I can see the irony.


A government by the people for the people which is the original vision is much better. Corporate contril sees profits above all else including truth.


Henry Hazlett who was a free market economist thought that increased productivity is the only reason why wages should rise. Curious what he would think of the situation for the last few decades.


Did you ever see the destruction of businesses when Walmart moves into town?


as aside note your argument says nothing about things that really matter, loke healthcare but as long as they have toys comehhow that is okay with you. You are totally nlind to your own ignotance.


Why am I bothering to engage a "person" that calls me ignorant, yet can't even spell the word correctly?

Did you bother to think about why the costs of Healthcare are so high? And how that is comparable to the facts and circumstances of the development of the compact disc?


what I know is that the healthcare costs in the U.S. are twice as high as anywhere else and we are one of the only market based system.

Other countries along with the U.S. ( medicare) spend far less on their healthcare than we do.

There is no comparison in CD playeras and healthcare except that healthcare makes a differnece in someones life and CDs do not. In your mond as long as people have a TV in every room then the economy works. I think health and education are far more important and are things that actually make a difference in proples lives and are both rising in costs. Too bad the wages of Americans are not keeping pace with increased productivity or they might be able to afford such luxuries. But hey the cost of CD players have gone down so that makes a difference, huh?

Yers healthcare does not work in a market-based system like CDs might.