Did Paris Freak Out?

[quote]lixy wrote:
kroby wrote:
The media? They always do their job - to make money.

And there I was thinking their job was to objectively report on important issues and get the citizens properly informed. Oh well, I guess we have different expectations and standards…

The media I watch/read/listen-to are all non-profit organizations. They run no ads and are solely supported by individual donations.[/quote]

LOL! Non-profit organizations that run no ads, supported on donations? Sounds like state sponsored propaganda.

There is no way a human being can offer an unimpassioned, non objective report. Even the weather reporters slant the news. Their voices and body language state their preference for sunny days over rainy days.

It’s an inherent human trait. It’s called discrimination. That you don’t see it, as it is everywhere, doesn’t surprise me. You are always consistent in your single minded views. It’s as if you’re clockwork. Predictable. The epitome of conservative; never changing.