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Did Noahs Arc Really Happen


I was wondering is the biblical story of Noahs ark really true. I mean for one, an impossibly old man, Noah, who was 500 years old when he started building the ark and 600 when he finished. And two of every animal in the world being rounded up is also impossible....that in itself raises alot of questions.

Is there any independent evidence of this happening?


It's a nice fairy tale.


Yes. I was there, I saw it happen. Noah was pretty fit for an old dude. I asked him about it once, and he told me: "Squats and milk, all day, baby."


I think theyve decided that a massive flooding event occurred in that area of the world at around the time when this story could have theoretically happened. I saw something about it on the History Channel (which by no means makes it true, but it was still interesting).

If I recall they claimed that there was a valley (where pieces of Noah's Ark have supposedly been discovered) in that location that was protected from a sea on one side by mountains, and that a seismic event eventually led to that valley being flooded. Something along those lines. You have to remember that what seems somewhat trivial to us (a valley being flooded) always seemed more grandiose to ancient people because they lacked the over knowledge that we have today. So if you flood their little patch of land, then the world is flooded. Also, if you collect some cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats thats "all the animals in the world" because well...thats all they had in their area. You have to remember people in ancient times thought on a very small scale because globalization hadnt even begun to occur yet.

All that being said 90% of the stories that go down in the Bible are pretty dubious. People getting eaten by whales and spit out later, large groups of people building towers mysteriously starting to talk different languages, etc. To me its an essentially a book of tall tales and fables that for some reason has gone down as fact to a large number of people.


Almost every religion or culture throughout history has some sort of flood story. And seeing as most stories and myths have at least some basis in fact, it seems very possible, if not probable, that some type of flood activity occurred in the past.



So the kangaroos, tanukis, siberian wolves, moose, and boa constrictors; native to Australia, Japan, Russia, Canada, and South America respectively, got to Arabia how?


Not sure if srs?


PWI, here we come. There are two large, recent Creationism vs. Evolution threads (along with a bunch of older ones) on this site where this has been discussed.

You gotta understand, creationists believe in speciation - but not macroevolution.

So, while there is no way that dinosaur evolved into that bird, it is absolutely possible that that particular wolf breed evolved into Siberian wolves, and that isolated group of snakes managed to "speciate" into boa constrictors.

Of course, 15 years ago they were saying this wasn't possible, either. Funny, ain't it?


He was 500 Moons old, not years. At that point they did not know the Solar System was Helliocentric so how could they know the length of a year? New moon meant new year. Makes Methusella and Noah's ages alot more reasonable no?


Well it's called the Pangea Theory. Continental Drift.


Ask HH. He seems to know everything.


If Noah existed, his time would have come MUCH later than when Pangea was unified.


Haha, that was good. Very solid.


He also did deadlifts and he stole ANACONDA from the future. Imagine if he had FINiBAR and SURGE WOF.


I learned in the 1st grade in catholic school that many bible stories are just plain hyperbole/symbolic. You are an idiot if you believe otherwise. I love when people go out of their way to disprove these stories and say Christians are stupid, but I guess some stupid Christians actually believe these stories are real...


Please tell me that was a troll post.Please.

And please tell me everyone who's trying to say it could have happened is also trolling.Please.

I mean for fuck sake you're not serious are you?It's the most ridiculous story every invented and the only people who believe it happened are those creationist museum freaks who believe humans lived among dinosaurs.


They were imported there by returning explorers as mementos of their explorations


This story is spoken of in many many cultures and there have been mass floods throughout history.There's even evidence of a large flood around the same time in North America. Some guy who has a boat gets his livestock on it and survives the flood. Play telephone for a couple hundred years and bam you got a sick story.

What's so unbelievable about the possibilities behind the parable. Just because the bible is all hype doesn't mean they didn't derive ANY of their stories from real occurences.

And just in case you want to call me a creationist freak... I'm an athiest.


exactly what I was gonna post... that whole stand up was awesome. The part about Egypt had me rolling