Did My System Restart?

I just got some labs done and I’m not sure what to make of this.

My trt started about three months ago. My total test was 234. After a few months of 200mg every two weeks I was tested on day 7 and came back with total test of 644ng. I started self administering right about one month ago, my prescription is for .5 or 100mg per week. I split that up into .27 every Sunday morning and .27 every Wed. night. Just a hair over for what’s left in the syringe.

I went in to see my GP, not my urologist last Tuesday. Had him test E2, total test and free test just for my own knowledge. Just now got the results.

Estradiol 43 (< or +39)
Total Test 1439ng (250-1100)
Free Test 356.9 (35-155)

So this was exactly two days after my .27 shot.

I have had some major changes in lifestyle and diet. Does my dose look correct to you guys? Is it possible that my boys just start working? My concern is that if I stop the treatment I’ll have to do battle to get it started again.

What do you guys recommend at this point?

From what it sounds like, when you had your first shots every 2 weeks you were tested one week in. IM injections of T have a half life of 5-8 days. The 200mg shots would boost your T levels up really high and scale down each day. It’s possible it was scaling down to the 650ng/dl by the time you got tested. Since you split your shots up, it makes sense that your T levels would average out better over time and you would get a higher reading, especially after 2 days of an IM.

Anything around or over 800 ng/dl would tell your hypothalamus and pituitary to shut off LH production unless you are taking HCG or clomid. It would be highly unlikely that your body is producing much testosterone at such a high T level.

You might want to scale down the T dose a bit to avoid such high E2. Or try and get your doc to prescribe an E2 inhibitor. It’s not unsafe to stay at that T level if you can manage the LH and E2 levels. However, I doubt any normal doctor would allow you to stay there so its probably inevitable that you scale the dose down.

I just wouldn’t expect the small dose to keep it that elevated. It was only two days since my last shot but it was only 1.5 days until the next. Do people normally see that dramatic of a difference with the higher frequency smaller dose schedule? Doesn’t seem probable to me but I know little.

I’m feeling great even with the e2 high. Though I requested a sensitive test this one just says Estradiol. I’m not sure that it’s the correct test. I don’t think my doctor would prescribe an ai for me. He would use that as an excuse to try the gel or pellets for sure. Is that something that people can procure and manage themselves?

Wondering at what point I would need to hold back before my next blood test to have it down around 700ng on test day. Or how low I should lower the dose if that’s the route.

I ordered anastrozole and am going to start that. Thinking of drinking .5ml twice per week on injection days to start. I’m also going to lower my cyp dose about 15%.

Ha… I just keep talking to myself in this thread. Is there anything I should know about tapering off of the anastrozole if I ever stop it to avoid rebound. That part is spooking me out. Guessing you just cut the dose in half a few times over a month or so but not sure if that’s right.

I searched and read everything I could find but am asking again just in case anybody has new information.

Sweet - You and I appear to be following the same route. I started my self injections about a month ago too and my re-test labs came in last week. you can see all that here:

With my Test (1500 plus)and E2 high I was feeling pretty good but then crashed. I have anastrozole on order which cant get here fast enough.

Good Luck!

~~ Whisp