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Did My Letro Go Bad?


So I usually keep my letro in a package at room temperature. It's liquid.

I was in a new place for two weeks, and for a good portion of it, it was in a very hot environment. For a little while it was in the bathroom in a very humid/hot environment. Would have preferred to not store it there but had to.

Typically .18 mg/day has me on the lower edge e2 wise. I've been using that amount, and now going .36mg/day and I still have oily skin, etc. It seems like my e2 is going up.

I am not cycling or anything btw.

Could the letro have gone bad?


Heat does degrade drugs. I would continue to use it but assume it has lost significant potency. Oily skin is an indication of androgens not estrogen, should not automatically assume E2 is high unless you see significant bloating.


Could have went bqd or just degraded in potency some yes.

But why are you running letro if you're "not cycling or anything"?


I don't really get a lot of bloat but my libido goes away. For some reason my e2 is high naturally. Total test is between 900-1200 so I guess my body just aromatizes at a high amount. Or maybe my liver doesn't clear well but liver values show up fine.

It's really hard for me to dial in the sweet spot with letro and adex. I'm going to actual switch to aromasin and try 5mg/day and see how that goes


Westclock, I saw in another one of your threads you said you use letro year round even when off.

I am attempting to use an AI while off as well. Could you expand on your dosage that you use while off AAS?