Did Michael Jordan do drugs?

Stop hating the man cause he might have robbed you guys of a title. The knicks werent ever good enough anyway, even if jordan never played your knicks wouldnt have won anything so stop hating the guy.

Why don’t centers get any respect? are you kidding me everyone knows wilt is the second best baller ever, and bill is very close with those 11 rings. Kareem makes the cut for top 6 or 7 as well. Hakeem too is top ten material. So centers do get the respect they deserve.


i’ll admit something, it’s actually hard for me to talk any crap to a knicks fan, since im a HEAT FAN. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i still got the fight between zo/johnson and van gundy grabbing zo’s leg, that was the best.

but to be honest I HATE EVERYONE FROM NEW YORK, since im a heat fan :slight_smile:


if you look at those names listed, wilt, hakeem, kareem, russel etc… these guys are at the top of the greatest ever, they are all big men, dominating centers…

what jordan did as a guard is amazing, he had no dominant big man… unless you consider luke longley a hall of famer.

also watching the lakers as we speak, kobe needed shaq, and now they got two more hall of famers, 4 on the same team, nuts.


Maybe he is overrated, but he is less overrated than someone like John Stockton was underrated.

SamSmarts, the people I’ve debated with don’t respect centers as much as they should. Myabe its because they’re ignorant, or maybe because its hard to identify with enormous men who score, sometimes easily, in ways that regular sized people can’t, know what I mean? Like if Shaq gets the ball in a certain position, he simply cannot be stopped. It just isn’t as pretty as compared to the way guards and forwards score. Anyway…

I am not bitter about the Bulls beating the Knicks. I am bitter HOW they beat the Knicks and HOW they beat every other team in the Finals.
I know the Knicks choked when they were up 2-0. THe Blazers choked in Game 6, giving up the biggest 4th quarter comeback in Finals history.

What I am bitter about is Jordan getting every f’n call, making it a lose-lose situation on how to defend him.

God, at least the Pistons bitch-slapped him around for a few years before he got Scottie.

Let’s not forget how crucial BJ Armstrong and Paxson were in their first championship run and later Kerr and Kukoc.

4 awesome 3 point shooters who made clutch shot after clutch shot, backbreaking shot after backbreaking shot.

Without those guys, I don’t think the Bulls would have won as many titles, even with Scottie.

(Sonny - you sure touched a nerve!!)

This whole idea that you gotta be big to be on drugs is a misnomer - sure bodybuilders do some drugs - but drugs like Winny, Anavar and Tren may not demonstrate large muscle mass increases.

So I can’t say that just by looking at the guy he was or wasn’t - I’m just wondering how did he play so muach at such a high level?

His rehab and prehab work must have been outstanding also as his injury rate was very low.

If he was on - he did so at such a level that he trained to maximise thier effectivness and avoided muscle and tendon injuries surprisingly easily considering the frequency at which they can occurr with other athletes on the juice.

His speed or course was special also.

I’m not going to get into the whole ‘How good was MJ?’ argument - but I’m surprised no one has really mentioned Scottie Pippen or Rodman as reasons for his ‘success’ either.

Surely two outstanding players in their own right - albeit only within the Bulls organisation.

So Did MJ do drugs …?
I don’t think so, I’d hate to think he did - but knowing the world and the way it is - it is certainly possible.

Now if the question was does Tim Montgomery do drugs we’d have fun argument also …