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Did Leben Just Kiss Bisping?




don't freak..it's just his weird way of showing respect. he's gotta be the showman...


pretty lackluster fights all night imo


agreed..glad this wasn't a ppv


There seemed to be little to no ground game in any of the fights. That made them seem slow.


The first 2 fights were pretty action packed. The Leben/Bisping fight was decent but had a taste of Sylvia's fight to not lose style. Course that's what Vera was trying to do but he lost.

I thought Vera would eek out the split decision but I was glad Jardine won. There is just something/everything about Vera grates on me. He runs his mouth like he is great but I've never been impressed. Hopefully, he is only one or two more losses away from non-renewal of contract.

Final Note: Anyone else surprised at the amount of damage done to Leben's face? For how red it was during the fight and the strikes he took I figured it would of been much worse. Just a light cut on one cheek and a bruise on another...I think he is the bastard son of Nog...or an Elephionoar hybrid.


It looked like he actually had 3 cuts, one larger one under the right eye, a smaller one on his left brow and another one below the left eye.

The ground game was non-existant, but did you really see Jiu-Jitsu as a large factor in this fight?

Interestingly enough, in the latest issue of FIGHT! mag with Bisping on the cover, he discusses his extensive background in the art.


There hasn't been a UFC card in a long time worth $40. That's what bars and friends are for.


The human punching bag method didn't work out for Leben this time.


For the most part, I agree...but at least Lytle and (can't remember) threw down. It's a shame Lytle could hardly muster enough energy to stand up in the third.


I was really disappointed with Jardine and Vera.


Second that, talk about fucking lackluster from Vera, and frankly Jardine didn't show me shit last night either. But hey wtf, it was free right? Too bad they didn't air the bout between Gono and the English guy in his UFC debut.



Yeah, so?


Is the Gono fight online anywhere? I guess he lost via split so I'd love to see it.

Still no love for the Pride Bushido fighters I guess. If I was Ryo Chonan I would get "I beat Anderson Silva" tattooed across my chest.


I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
It's a damn shame too.


Was anyone expecting any different. Jardine's only exciting when Wanderlei's on top of him practically killing him. The chuck fight was boring as hell, alexander KTFO'd him and teh forrest fight - yes, Jardine overwhelmed him but I was hardly on the edge of my seat. As for Vera, I loved him when he first started fighting, but the last few fights have been lackluster to say the least. I understand the idea of cutting weight, and on this very card sokodjou did look impaired by his extra weight, even if it was muscle, but there's another side to that. Bisping just looked absolutely emaciated his first 2 185 bouts, and at the weighins this time as well. He's starting to look a little more comfortable now, but still you cant fight when you're just skin and bone. (slight digression, but Leben looked as thick as any fighter I can remember seeing short of sherk)

But yeah I was optimistic but not all that hopeful of Jardine and Vera. I just cannot stand Dana's stupid promises any more "it's gonna be a great fight" it's practically the kiss of death when he says that


I think that White says things enough times in the hope that if he say it enough, people will just believe it.

Great examples of this are when he comments on TUF fighters, and how impressive some of them are. In most cases, once the editing knife is put away, we see the lackluster, technically lacking fighters that they are.

I've never been impressed with Jardine, or Vera. Something about them just lacks.

I wonder how long the UFC is going to go with the tactic of finding "fighters" that are more spectacle, than technical fighter.