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Did I Waste Money on 25g Pins?

I do what I can, lol.


sounds like a lot of you guys are in a big hurry when it comes to injections. Seems to me like something I would not be trying to rush through.

im certainly not in a hurry. at 4:30am everyday you really arent in a hurry to do much. i even try to time deep breaths with push/pauses into the injection process to slow it down. thought this might let oils disperse a bit and maybe this has helped me never get tren cough!?!

i dont heat the oils and cant seem to draw with a 25g. just wanted to see if i sucked or other people had this issue.

[quote]imguy1010 wrote:

i[u] dont heat the oils[/u] and cant seem to draw with a 25g.[/quote]

Okay, so, can’t you answer your own question, then?

You DO suck - however, i never even try to draw using anything smaller than a 23g - with a 21g being my preference.

Why anyone would try to draw with such a small gauge is BEYOND me. Why don’t you just use a 23g or 21g like everyone else - why do you need to make a thread (your second inane one about injections FWIW) about it being difficult to suck a watermelon through a hosepipe?

Answer: Don’t do it.

It doesn’t take a thread discussing the ease or difficulty of such practices. Generally speaking - the smaller the hole, the less that fits through it - it really isn’t difficult.

Sorry it had to come to this really… but you have had far too much attention paid to this BS already as far as i am concerned.

Obviously I am not at your level-that’s why I am asking question on this thing called a discussion forum. You may have tons of AAS knowledge I dont-but I do know what the terms discussion and forum mean.

I thought my last post would have ended this apparently annoying thread but Brook had to get his usual in. The last post wasn’t a question, it was a statement to Broken as to why I initially started this thread.

If you hate answer posts so much you may want to have TNation write you a new contract next year, because you are obviously required by law to chime in and be an asshole whenever possible except to Bill. Do I sense someone wants someones cock in their mouth??? Maybe we should have a Brook room and you have to pass a test to post questions.

I mean you are obviously greater than TC, Thibs, and Poliquin combined. So if you want help starting your own site let me know, I’m quite sure you are going to get everyone on here to follow you because you are so nice and generous with your knowledge.

Do you think you were put here to help all AAS users and in doing so the USA is going to say “well we have Brook and we can legalize them now because he is so great that he can help everyone not fuck themselves up for life”? .

Why do you get mad when you think people dont listen to you? Yea you have some internet respect as someone that knows AAS, but for all we know you could be some little fucking geek that doesnt know shit and just types out long responses to sound official. We take things on here at face value because we trust that the “experts” practice what they preach. Hence that is why people ask questions and do threads jackass.

As for my other post, I am curious (again as to why I am here in the first place) to other injection sites. I found on another website about injections there “alternate” areas and wanted peoples experiences.

So maybe you need to lighten the fuck up, or change the channel. And since you seem to threaten everyone as your anger response, if you are ever in the midwest and wanna stop by, just PM me and I would gladly give you my address.

Yeaaaa !! Fuck Brook to Hell!!

Ouch, thomebody thounds thensitive!

Still - my posts stands i’m afraid, think what you like but needing to ‘talk’ about the ins and outs of the speeds of oils through small holes over a multi-post thread is in my book - fucking retarded.

JMO - and you have yours. xx

Yea thats what I figured you’d say. Hey every forum has their Terrell Owens.