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Did I Waste Money on 25g Pins?


i bought some 25g pin/syringes. can ANYTHING be drawn (in a timely fashion) into a 25g pin???


Yes. You can use them to draw. Be patient.

It would be easier to order 20g pins though. You can buy them separate from the syringe. Draw swap and pin, that's standard procedure.


You can heat up the oil to speed things along, but drawing with a larger needle is still a better solution.

My friend on TRT uses 29g insulins for oil-based test at least a few times/week. Now that's even slower than your situation, but it's all relative anyhow.


You could use them to draw but you might be there all day. I agree with the other posters, just buy some 20-25g and draw with them, then swap on the 29g and inject with them. The small the pin you can inject with the better off you are, it will clearly require more patience though.


EO based steroids can be drawn with 25s. but yea, draw with a bigger needle, swap to your smaller one that comes with the syringe....assuming you know where to buy syringes. Most places sell them with needles already on in one package.


I despise 25g pins for drawing or shooting. I have two boxes and the only thing they ever get used for is venting vials (for this, they work great!).

I use 23s to draw and shoot, and I heat the oil before doing both. Both actions are a breeze when performed with this size and in this manner.


I hated the 25g pins, I just used 20g for drawing and shooting, had no problems.


Pins are cheap...just get the right size.


yea its only 20 buck but i have 50 25g pins with syringes sitting here. tried tren ace-nope. tried inj winny-nope. how about test e (planned for winter)?


I had a few 25g pins, I was able to draw with them (slowly) if I was very careful with it. Bend it at all and it was done for.


Best you can hope for is to heat your oil, as I said, before drawing and shooting.

A lot of guys do use a 25g to shoot. I don't like it, personally, but it seems to go smoothly for many.


23s all day. Even they take a little longer to draw for my taste but they inject easily and I have no problems with them. 25s must take forever lol


If you cannot draw a water based solution with them, then you are doing something very wrong.

Simply put - i can and do regularly use 25g with various oils and have no issue - it just takes 60 seconds rather than 30.


Yeah I mean I dont understand the problem here. As long as you have the patience & a very still hand then these 25g needles should be fine. I would definitely get a bigger needle to draw (you really only need one) just to make your life a little easier.

Now on the other hand, if you're a shaking nervous wreck when you inject I suggest not using these because you are going to be ripping apart your muscle when you're shaking for over a minute with a needle in your muscle. Dont even want to imagine how sore you'd be.

Either way, its 20 bucks. Thats what you get for not doing your research.



ok BMC-you get some inj winny and draw through a 25g. my hands are quite steady thanks but the particles in the solution clog the tip. ive also seen many posts on here and other sites that express many other people frustrations with drawing tren ace with a 25. I have gotten quite a few good responses-no need to throw a jab in there.


No jab. Simply stated 2 mins research tells you what size pins to buy and you wouldnt be in this PICKLE. I noted to buy a bigger one to draw & with patience they can be used to inject.



I used to like 25's a lot. Easier on the muscle and no problems drawing. With 1" I think they're the most versitile.


25s are great to inject, but I beg to differ - they are certainly not ideal for drawing.

I am a big proponent of 20 or 21 G to draw and 25g to inject. Preferrably in 5/8" for quad and 1" for glute and ventro-glute. Bigger guys and higher bf% guys would be better served with 1.5".


25s are beautiful for shooting. Not much else though.



Good to see you back. Hope things are going well