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Did I Start Too Light? High Rep PR Sets for Squats and Deads

Hey all,

I’m on my second 6 week cycle and wondering if I should bump up my TM numbers more than the standard on the next increase due to the high reps I’m getting on my PR sets for squats and deads.

My last two squat PR’s were 270x16 (3’s week) and 255x20 (5’s week). For deadlifts, it’s 270x15 (3’s) and 245x16 (5’s from last cycle, i’ll be DLing again tomorrow).

Bench and press PR’s are both around 10 (3’s) - 12 (5’s) reps. These seem more in line with what I was expecting.

Any thoughts? I run the Full Body program w/SSL & Jokers (when feeling it).

Nothing wrong with these rep ranges, keep going as is. Everything I’ve ever read has Jim vehemently telling people not to increase jumps. The weight will catch up, ride this out as long as you can.


Ride the wave. Don’t be in a hurry to stall.


Not necessarily. Some people respond quickly and extremely well to AMRAP sets and their rep work might be a ton better than maxing. I got a 18x275 squat set following the progression to the letter. Just continue adding weight gradually and how the program instructs and you’ll progress a lot further and for a longer time than you would if you just bumped the weights up right now.

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Cool, I’ll keep going as planned then. Thanks!

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