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Did I Recover a 7 Month Cycle w/ 4 Week PCT?


Hi there,
Am wondering if I am healed because I’m 26 at the peak of my balls abilities. Ran test-e 500/wk and last 4 weeks of cycle test-p. Ran HCG sporadically 250ui/wk, max 4 weeks total.
PCT Last prop injection = day 0
Week 1 - nolva 40/d aromàsin 40/e3d Week 2 - nolva 40/d aromàsin 20/e3d Week 3 - nolva 40/d aromàsin 10/e3d Week 4 - nolva 20/d
Week 5 - 10mg aromàsin, just once.
4 days later, blood work
Post PCT Blood work https://imgur.com/gallery/fnfUr
Am I healed from a 7mo. cycle after just 5 weeks since dosing, 4 of which were PCT?
Are my test levels 616 because the nolva? If so, wouldn’t LH and FSH be higher than LH 4.2 and FSH 3.3?
It could be higher because I crashed e2 on AI and it’s still in my system.


Your bloodwork certainly looks good. I would get bloodwork done in a month again, after you’ve been off of everything for awhile, just to be sure, but this is promising.


Do you think I will drop test, LH and FSH dramatically once the AI and Nolva leave my system? I’ll do BW again, but wondering if I will be below range once I’m all natural. How much do u think I will drop?

Blood was done 3 days after 20mg aromasin, which can boost test by 50%, 10 days after my last nolva 40/40/20/20. Will test drop below 400, LH below 2, FSH below 2? Best guess?


I don’t know what will happen. That’s why you gotta get bloodwork :wink: just make sure you do it same time of day as your previous test.

dropping the AI and nolva SHOULDNT reduce your test substantially. You should be further along the recovery road by that point. But that’s why you get bloodwork, to check. If your test comes out at anything about 450 or so, I think you’re totally fine, and you should expect higher than that. That’s just kind of an arbitrary baseline number I"m throwing out. Anything below that would be concerning, anything above is fine.

LH and FSH should both be higher than that, middle of the range.


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